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Wed 6th Sep 2023 at 6:15pm

50 Minute Makeover

Crewe Report written by Nicola Marshall

Who’d have thought September could be so hot?!!!

It was wonderful to be back with Kimberley, Ian and Maurice this evening at one of our favourite tasks, My CWA. It’s been a while since we did a task there, and we were excited to be back again.

Before we started our task, we headed out for our weekly exercise session. With the heat as it was (28°!), we mutually agreed that we’d all prefer a walk!!

We decided to have a walk out towards the park in the hopes that this would be a slightly less busy route – perhaps it was, marginally! As per usual, we had a lovely chat as we did our 2 miles. It’s always good to catch up with everyone and find out about their week.

Back at the task, we met the lovely Maria, who is the new volunteer coordinator for My CWA. She gave us a lovely warm welcome and some well received glasses of water. Our task this evening was to move some furniture around in the various rooms of the building. My CWA support victims of domestic abuse and this involves providing many services including counselling and other support services. It was our job this evening to create a quiet room by moving some of the furniture around and improving the space. It was a simple but lovely task to undertake and it was really rewarding to see the rooms looking so lovely when we’d finished. We had a few issues with squeezing tables through doors but we managed to resolve this with a bit of creative thinking. I think Kimberley was in her element with the interior design aspect of the room and did a great job of dressing rooms with lovely cushions and throws– Kimberley, you’ve missed your vocation!

The task was soon completed and the rooms were looking lovely. Maria was thrilled with our efforts, and we’re excited to be heading back there again very soon!

Thanks for having us, My CWA, it’s always a pleasure to help and we can’t wait to be with you again soon.

Well done everyone on completing another fab task.

Lots of love Nicola Xxx

PS hope you’ve all cooled down now!!

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