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Help prepare tree beds
🗓Monday 6th February 6:30pm

📍Battersea Arts Centre SW11 5TN

ahead of planting fruit trees at a community garden

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Mon 6th Feb at 8:00pm

Post group run pub quiz

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Kelly Lampard
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Mon 6th Feb at 6:30pm

Help prepare tree beds

ahead of planting fruit trees at a community garden

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Mon 16th Jan at 6:30pm

Slide and seek

Wandsworth Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

The temperature was dropping last night but excitement levels were on the rise as we headed back to St Mary's School and its epic slide!

We kicked off the night with a much needed warm up and welcomed Patsie to her very first session. As it was Blue Monday - supposedly the gloomiest day of the year although there were no signs of it in Wandsworth - we all named something that brought us joy. Food was very popular, especially, cheese, chocolate and lasagna, as was running, football, dogs and being outside.

It was about 2kms down to the school and we made it there in no time. Jared, the school's brilliant head, was waiting for us with plenty of sacks, and we soon got stuck in. The job was to empty the raised beds on the upper terrace so that the school could create a climate change garden. The area will be filled with plants for the children to help identify, sow and care for, particularly ones that don't need as much rain and so will be sustainable through climate change.

It was chilly work but we soon warmed up with some labour intensive activity. While the upstairs team shoveled, filled, then posted bags through the entrance to the slide, Jordan and Dave were waiting at the bottom to catch them. They were then transported through the building to the courtyard by Jamal, Jared and Catherine in a very efficient human chain! Great work everybody.

Next week we've got an inside task at a local scout hall, which we'll be giving a big spring clean. See you there to banish those January blues!

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