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Kate Bowden
Kate Bowden completed their first weekend mission. 😎

Saturday 3rd December

Mission Possible

Mission Possible

Kate Bowden completed their first weekend mission.

Kate has forgone the usual weekend routine. Instead of lie-ins, roasts and strolls around the park Kate has dropped everything to run a GoodGym mission for someone who needed help. Respect

Peter Rhodes
Kate Bowden
Kate Bowden went on a mission

Sat 3rd Dec at 1:00pm

Peter Rhodes
Kate Bowden
Kate Bowden signed up to a mission.

Sat 3rd Dec at 1:00pm

Garden tidy up for Mr S

Mr S will be able to freely walk in his garden without risk of falls tripping over loose items or overgrowth, Mr S would love to enjoy his beloved garden again safely.

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Kate Bowden
Kate Bowden went on a group run

Tue 22nd Nov at 6:45pm

Compost gives us Joy

Croydon Report written by Kate Bowden

Last night 9 Good Gymers ran over 6.5km to help Sue at St Augustine's Church improve the soil in the church flower beds with composted leaves and grass.

Although it started off as a chilly night, a quick warm up and we were all feeling toasty and set off at a gentle pace down to South Croydon. We arrived at the church to find three runners already there and making a great start on the task. Sue asked us to clear the grass away from a new bed the church is creating and move the turf into some patchy areas of the lawn. It was an atmospheric evening as we arrived in mist and worked to the music of the choir practice. Ingrid also set to work cutting away the grass to make a larger circle of earth around one of the new trees which both makes it easier to cut the grass and to water the roots. We helped move a large bag of compost Sue had made from leaves and grass into smaller bags and carried them round to the new bed ready to make a lovely border.

It was a lot of work all done very quickly and the gardens will look great for it. Join us next week when we will be Keeping Croydon Beautiful.

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Peter Rhodes