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Gardening @ Marlpit Community Gardens
🗓Today 6:00pm

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Jonathan signed up to a group run.

Mon 27th Mar at 6:00pm

Jonathan went on a group run

Thu 23rd Mar at 6:00pm

Bush Chopper Trial

Norwich Report written by Steven Hitcham

We had two new GoodGymmers this evening, so a big welcome to Chloe and Jax. Both settled in very easily and felt like they had been part of us for a long time already.

The task was just a short trip through the other side of Chapelfield Gardens, where we went to the Hamlet Children's Centre.

Our tasks were to trim back the hedge/bush that had grown over the footpath, lay some compost in the planters and to clear up leaves. Typical of the British weather, it started to rain as we were finishing up.

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Jonathan signed up to a group run.

Thu 23rd Mar at 6:00pm

Jonathan went on a community mission

Sat 18th Mar at 10:30am

Until the litter end

Norwich Report written by Jonathan

With the rain pouring down, it didn't look like the most appealing weather for litter picking, but a little water would not deter determined goodgymers.

Arriving to the green field of Anderson's meadow, Goodgymers Alina, Jonathan, Rob and Ralph were greeted by the Norwich green party members aplenty who were organising the litter pick. There was a choice of going by water via canoe or walking along the river edge with litter pickers although the canoes were all taken so only one option remained.

On slippery and wet ground much litter was collected with the highlight being a rusty 70's Raleigh childs bike. This was almost topped by a large shopping trolley, however this was unable to be moved as it very much stuck on the river bed, presumed to be tanlged in reeds, despite efforts attempting to pull it out, even using Alina's belt! Undettered, Alina and Jonathan attempted to go out via canoe to retrive the trolley however were later persuaded not to after previous failed attempts by others on canoe made them realise it would be almsot impossible.

After an hours litter picking was completed, litter bags were taken to the nearby bin area and the mission was complete.

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Steven Hitcham
Jonathan signed up to a community mission.

Sat 18th Mar at 10:30am

Spring River Bank and Meadow Clean

Lots of people getting together. Positive environmental impact

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Jonathan signed up to a group run.

Sun 12th Mar at 10:00am

Gardening tasks @ Norwich Farmshare

Support local charitable organisation

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Jonathan went on a group run

Mon 6th Mar at 6:00pm

The names Pond… James Pond

Norwich Report written by Steven Hitcham

This wasn't quite the usual task for a cold dark night (we be much more suitable for a warm summer evening) but who likes to do things the easy way?!

It was our first visit to Sprowston Youth Engagement Project (SYEP). They have taken a relatively new piece of land, and are wanting to have a nature pond there. That's where our person-power was required, to help start to dig it out and shape it.

Finn met us there with an array of spades and shovels and floodlights already set up so we could see, and then we cracked on with the task. You definitely didn't want to be wearing your new white trainers for this task.

We completed a good 50 mins, by which time the temperature had dropped and we were rather chilly despite the physical task.

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