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Jonathan went on a group run

Mon 25th Sep at 6:15pm

This ‘Sounds’ Like Fun

Norwich Report written by Steven Hitcham

We returned to Soundyard to provide them with some more support ahead of their imminent launch.

The tasks were to paint the front of the studio, paint the internal doors, paint the toilet, paint around the wires and some general tidying up.

Anna and Sophie were as grateful as ever for our support.

The evening was finished with a much overdue visit to the pub for some food and drink.

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Steven Hitcham
Jonathan went on a group run

Mon 18th Sep at 6:00pm

Waving the magic pond

Norwich Report written by Steven Hitcham

It was a gorgeous evening in Eaton Park as we arrived as the sun was about to set over the park.

Our task was to give the pond area a good clean up, which consisted of cutting back some overgrown bushes, sweeping up leaves and a litter pick.

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Steven Hitcham
Jonathan signed up to a group run.

Mon 18th Sep at 6:00pm

Tidy up @ Eaton Park Lily Pond

Support local community facility

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Jonathan went on a group run

Mon 4th Sep at 6:00pm

If it ain’t bracken don’t fix it!

Norwich Report written by Ian Gostling

Tonight 17 GoodGymers ran 6.5km to support the conservation at Mousehold Heath.

We welcomed first timers Elisa, Beth and Sam who joined us on their first group run.

Mousehold warden Will lead us to the areas needing work, so we split into 2 groups and started pulling up bracken.

Will pointed out areas we have visited before, that showed signs of less bracken and more heather growth and also encourages more insects and wildlife. So tonights task will hopefully go a long way towards continuing this conservation work.

After 50 mins of hard work in the warm weather, we headed home with another job well done!

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Steven Hitcham

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Bobby B

Tue 5th Sep at 10:21am

Wow great turnout xx well done gang !!

Ian Gostling

Tue 5th Sep at 1:30pm

Cheers Bobby! 😁

Jonathan signed up to a group run.

Mon 4th Sep at 6:00pm

Jonathan went on a group run

Mon 14th Aug at 6:00pm

Ivo, Ivo, it’s off to Catton Grove we go

Norwich Report written by Steven Hitcham

We were blessed with the presence of GoodGym Founder & CEO, Sir Ivo Gormley (well he's a Sir in my opinion), alongside his partner Jess, who both joined us on this evening's session. They said its the first session they have attended together for about 10 years, so we were very privileged.

The task was to do some cutting back at Catton Grove Community Centre, which is always fun as we have no restrictions and can just chop everything back as much as we like, which had overgrown a lot over these last 2 months. Firstly though, we had to jog 2.75km from The Forum to get there, on a warm and muggy evening.

As you can see from the photos, the pile of cuttings was huge and will be chipped so it can be reused (not eaten - different type of chips!).

It was lovely to see Ivo and Jess. I'm not one for brown-nosing or earning brownie points with the boss as thats not my style, but everyone would agree with me that he is so down to earth, a really approachable person and just wanted to get stuck into the task, one of the reasons he started GoodGym, and that really reflects in the GoodGym ethos that he has created.

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Steven Hitcham

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Ivo (he/him)

Tue 15th Aug at 3:12pm

🤣 not sure about all that but v nice of you to say Steven! - thanks for having us on the run really enjoyed it - a very satisfying bit of chopping  😁

Bobby B

Sat 19th Aug at 1:37pm

great work gang !!! x