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Jassy Drakulic
Jassy Drakulic went on a community mission

Sun 28th Jan at 10:00am

The house sparrow always wins

Richmond Report written by Sam

This weekend we flocked to our local parks, gardens and the riverside to take part in the RSPB's annual Big Garden Birdwatch. Across the country the nature charity has already had nearly 5 million sightings, including 672,736 house sparrows and 553,744 blue tits topping the charts. Results can be submitted to the RSPB until February 18th so there's plenty of time to log yours.

Here is a summary of what GoodGymmers in Richmond, Kingston and beyond saw on their watch.

Marie Noelle and Jade - What a great way to spend an hour on such a lovely morning. Sadly no birds have landed yet here but that might be down to the sleeping fox!

Lily - Quite a few sparrows in my garden, living in beech trees. Counted six but there were more hiding further in.

Ken - Sky (my youngest daughter) and I went to the White Cross Pub to do the RSPB Bird Watch. We counted 188 birds! (It is a really good spot!). We had 51 Black headed gulls, 36 rock doves (AKA pigeons!), 21 herring gulls, 16 mallards, 12 Canada Geese, and then handfuls of others (Mandarin ducks, moorhen, mute swans, heron, parakeets, and cross between a domestic duck mallard duck). Eleven different species in total.

Charlotte - I was in Richmond Park where I could hear and see a lot of birds. Particularly crows and parakeets.

Rachel - None of the birds stayed long enough for me to take a photo but I saw 4 blue tits, 1 sparrow, 1 robin, 1 thrush, 2 pigeons and 2 jackdaw.

Jassy - Just one robin holding the fort.

Adam, Rosie, Sam, Africa, Chris, Jp and Teresa made it back-to-back GG sessions after a morning leaf clearing task. We walked over to Moormead Park and took a pew on a perfectly circular bench for 360° views. But even with the guide sheets that eager beaver Rosie had printed off, identifying the different species on a bright yet wintry morning proved challenging for us novice twitchers. Still, we counted gold-, green- and chaffinch, a pair of blackbirds, magpies and plenty of woodpigeon.

Teresa - I was very excited to spot every bird that landed and eagerly called over Sam with his binoculars to inspect and identify the right bird. A very enjoyable morning with a spot of sunshine and the birds.

Thanks to Claire for sending pics and summaries from your GG Kingston friends.

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Jassy Drakulic
Jassy Drakulic signed up to a community mission.

Sun 28th Jan at 10:00am

Rachel White
Jassy Drakulic
Jassy Drakulic went on a community mission

Sat 23rd Sep 2023 at 10:00am

🌻A Blooming Good Transformation🌷

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Claire Dunne

On a beautiful sunny morning in Kingston it was time for GoodGym to become the Ground Force team for the morning and tackle a flowerbed transformation.

A giant laurel bushes, brambles, weeds and dead plants stood before us. Josie, Doris, Louise and Gordon tacked the weeds and brambles while Tom and Trevor cut down the laurel to give the plants some more light.

Claire and Tom got their steps in for the day going to and from the car to collect all the plants and compost.

Kate and Jassy arrived with our 2 tiniest members for their first task and after a quick biscuit to refuel it was time to lay the plants out using Claire’s planting plan. A few adjustments on positioning and a planting lesson from Gordon and the transformation commenced.

We all battled some tough roots hiding below as we dug holes for the plants and as we started planting Rob joined us to help plant a few of the plants and Jade popped by to check on our progress.

Plants in we distributed the rest of the compost and Tom and Dorris headed to the river for some water to give the plants a good drink.

12.50 pm and we were finished right on time and Trevor from the Friends of Canbury Gardens was delighted with the result.

A huge thank you to Gordon for advising on plants, keeping them watered and driving them all to Kingston.

Looking forward to part 2 planting the Spring bulbs on Tuesday night.

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SevanDave WhiteRachel White
Jassy Drakulic
Jassy Drakulic signed up to a community mission.

Sat 23rd Sep 2023 at 10:00am

Planting up the GoodGym Flowerbed in Canbury Gardens

Improve mental well-being with lovely plants and flowers

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Rachel White