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Hayley Newman
Hayley Newman went on a group run

Wed 3rd Jan at 6:45pm

Logging the Limelight

Luton Report written by David Mansfield

we had an excellent turnout for the first Group Run of 2024, with 12 people in total including newbie Elaine and Hayley who has done a few Community Missions but this was her first Group Run. Both of them did really well so send them your cheers!

Our run took us out along Old Bedford Road to Bradgers Hill, where a lot of work has taken place over the last two years to restore this nature reserve and ancient archaeological site to something more like it would have been. It's been gradually transformed from overgrown scrubland to open lightly wooded grassland, including plenty of help from GoodGym along the way!

Our task this time was to drag out and relocate a load of logs and branches which had been dumped by the entrance to the hillside. Duncan took the lead dragging bits out of the pile and the rest of the team formed a torch lit parade from the dumping site to the burning site a fair walk around the hill.

Thanks to Gill and Dani for taking turns being back markers and ensuring that the walkers didn't get left behind!

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Dani CDuncan

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Jack Da Silva

Wed 10th Jan at 4:16pm

Great work all!

Hayley Newman
Hayley Newman signed up to a group run.

Wed 3rd Jan at 6:45pm

Moving Logs on Bradger's Hill

Looking after Luton's green spaces

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