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Environmentalist, I enjoy music and running and fit it in regularly with work and family.


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Chris Plester
Chris Plester went on a group run

Wed 23rd Aug at 6:00pm


Solihull Report written by Rob

Last night Chris, Isabella, Fiona and Rob met up for a short run and pyramid training session, so they would be back in time to do the quiz at the Royal British Legion club. 

We set off a slightly longer way to Tudor grange park ready for our training session so that by the time we had arrived we were all warmed up properly and ready for some hard running. This week's fun training session was a pyramid, this is where we run for a set amount of time from a quick 30-second burst up to a minute then back down to the 30-second. We haven't done this training session for a while with Isabella, have never done it before, a big well done to everyone as this session is tough, but you definitely feel good afterwards and once you have caught your breaths back.

We then set off back to base, a slightly longer way to keep the KMS up for the week, in time for a quick stretch and find our table ready for the quiz, which with a great team effort we won!!!  

We will be back next week for another run, hope to see you there. 

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