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Alex went on a group run

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 at 6:30pm

Be Prepared... to Paint

Ipswich Report written by Ipswich runner

It was a cool night for a pretty cool task.

On a clear (and once again dry!) evening the temperature seemed to drop as we made our way the 2+ miles across town to the 24 Ipswich Scout HQ with Daniela back marking.

Once inside Scout HQ everything we needed was laid out ready for us. The task was to paint as much of the lower half of the main hall walls - covering various scuffs and signs of wear & tear.

As well as being the main meeting area for the scouts the hall is hired for a range of other activities providing income to help maintain the building and provide activities for the scouts.

It was a pretty big hall, but with loads of paint, brushes and rollers provided - the scout motto "Be Prepared" and this was definitely the case - and the usual Goodgym energy we managed to complete more than half of the area. We also learned the technical term for the recesses between the bricks ( "Perps" & "Beds" - thanks Alex !) that were tricky to paint with a roller.

Had we had a few more bodies we probably could have completed the whole area, but we hope to return soon to finish the entire hall. It was great organisation from the scouts and a super group effort!

Back out into the chilly evening and the run back to base was marked with a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the optional interval efforts. However, with our total run distance coming in at just under 5 miles it was perhaps understandable!

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Alex went on a group run

Mon 24th Feb 2020 at 6:30pm

Litter-ally a Rubbish Task

Ipswich Report written by Ipswich runner

Prior to heading out into the wind we celebrated the weekend achievements with a number of regulars having done the Tarpley 10 or 20 mile race locally and Colchester Nick completing the Brighton Half Marathon.

It was a very simple task tonight - litter picking a fairly small grassy area right on the edge of the river on behalf of Rivercare. It was dark and the "bat lights" were put to good use seeking out rubbish among the long grass. We managed to fill two large bags with an array of debris.

Once the litter was picked we headed to the floodlit Suffolk College grounds for a challenging pyramid interval session - only 30 secs recovery between each set of effort s ranging from 30 secs to 2mins 30 secs and back down the other side.

Everyone put in a great shift to maintain a good pace throughout particularly those who had 20 miles in their legs from yesterday!

Another fab Goodgym evening and, as Tom pointed out at the end of the night, there was something missing... it wasn't raining for the first time in weeks!!

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Alex went on a group run

Mon 17th Feb 2020 at 6:30pm

A Treemendously Moving Experience

Ipswich Report written by Ipswich runner

We started by celebrating Daniela's 50th good deed achieved during the Community Mission at Ranelagh School on Saturday..... it's taken a few weeks to get over the line but another GG Ipswich black shirt achieved - Congratulations!

We also welcomed Laura along as a visitor to Ipswich from Tower Hamlets. Hope you enjoyed the evening and we may see you again.

Our task destination is one of the closest to our base so we incorporated some relay intervals into the short run up to Brickmakers Wood, where Rob greeted the team and set out the jobs he wanted us to do.

The main chore was to clear some rubbish into a skip and move a mound of logs (as a result of tree felling) from outside into the warehouse and pile them neatly. They also need some fire wood sawn and bagged ready for selling to raise funds. Alongside this was some generally tidying the area for a visit for University students tomorrow.

As usual the gang got stuck in enthusiastically with wheel barrows, loaded with logs flying to & fro. The massive pile of elm logs reducing outside and stacking inside, while in another area Daniela, Laura and Eleanor were sawing furiously to create bags of firewood.

Finally there was lots of gentle sweeping up (trying not to cause excessive dust!). Once again we managed to achieve a huge amount in a short time - helping out at Brickmakers is always satisfying and it feels great to be able to help such a wonderful charity.

We then headed off to the floodlit grounds of Suffolk College for a team relay with runs or jumps based on a pack of cards before heading to the pub to mark Daniela's mile stone with cake!

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Alex went on a group run

Mon 16th Dec 2019 at 6:30pm

Daniela Dazzles as Robin Hits 100

Ipswich Report written by Ipswich runner

Tonight was one long celebration.......

It was Daniela's 23rd birthday on Sunday, Robin was about to complete his 100th good deed with Goodgym Ipswich and it was our last Group Run before Christmas so we ended the evening in the pub!

Daniela volunteered to back mark and had a brand new birthday set of lights to try out - you could see her for miles!

Our task was to paint three bathrooms and a foyer area at the 24 Ipswich Scout Headquarters. All the areas were fairly small and we split into teams for each area. Dan, from the scouts was fantastically well organised with numerous dust sheets, brushes, rollers and paint all ready for us to get stuck in.

It was comical watching people squeezing into small spaces and trying to avoid painting each other in the process. However the teamwork was once again top notch and all areas were completed in around 30 minutes.

After a brief tidy up we were off for the return 2 mile leg of our run.... and as it was Monday it began raining! This didn't dampen spirits as several of the group took on some additional fitness work by running out & back intervals ahead of the main party.

...Talking of parties!! - our run ended right outside our regular choice of pub when there's something to be celebrated. We ended the evening with some pre-christmas cheer as well as toasting the birthday girl and the centurian !

Goodgym Ipswich takes a break over Christmas and our Group Runs will resume on Monday 6 January.

Merry Christmas!

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Alex went on a group run

Mon 9th Dec 2019 at 6:30pm

Christmas Stumpers

Ipswich Report written by Ipswich runner

13 Goodgym #Winter Warriors braved a chilly night to help out at the wonderful Brickmakers Wood

One of our shortest runs took us to the wood to be met by Rob. The task was to move bags and bags of logs. The Charity sell the logs for firewood and this enables them to keep many of their projects going.

The first part of the evening was to move a pallet load of logs out of the shed and into the back of a waiting land rover. Next two different types of logs had to be sorted from a huge pile, bagged and loaded onto another pallet.

While this was being done by the majority of the group Rob asked some of the guys to break up some old pallets and stack the wood. This was taken on enthusiastically by a few - with hammers, mallets, crow bars and various other implements being employed!

I must confess I was slightly nervous at this point with hammers etc smashing into wood, sending splinters flying and exposing nails - my risk assessment was being adjusted by the second! Thankfully it all worked out ok!

We then went off for pairs circuit session - one partner running while the other performed a range of upper and lower body exercises - the time for each exercise governed by how long it took the partner to complete the run. What fun! and everybody was well warmed up by the end.

Next week is our last Group Run before Christmas and a two week break - so we will enjoy Christmas celebrations in the pub afterward everyone welcome to come along!

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Alex went on a group run

Mon 2nd Dec 2019 at 6:30pm

Litter Go - Yes we were Frozen!

Ipswich Report written by Ipswich runner

Hats and gloves were very much in evidence tonight - our first really cold Goodgym night of the winter - but the low temperature didn't deter this hardy group.

Welcome back to Ipswich Belinda - a Goodgym Worthing regular, who had visited us previously and joined us again tonight.

We needed something to warm up prior to getting stuck into the task so we set off for a run that would bring us back to pick up the litter pick kit. It was a gentle start before arriving at the bottom of Devonshire Road - possibly the steepest hill in Ipswich. There was a choice of 1 or 2 ascents focussing on good arm drive technique before moving on and luckily finding a down hill towards the college!

We then had 40-50m section picking up speed all the way through. Unfortunately we picked up a casualty when Nick was shot in the hamstring by sniper - leading to an ice pack and an early end to the session for him - hope you're feeling better when you read this Nick.

Returning to our starting point, litter pick and bags were issued and we scoured a mainly floodlit section of the Waterfront along river on behalf of Rivercare. This is a task we do intermittently covering a large area aiming to prevent rubbish and particularly plastic finding it's way into the river.

With the task done it was time for a "fun" circuit session with two groups working in tandem - 1 group running varying intervals around a short course, while the other endured some core strength and balance circuits - keeping everyone moving to avoid getting cold.

Super work from everyone on a non-stop super circuit!

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Andrew Whitefield

Mon 2nd Dec 2019 at 10:41pm

Alex wearing a jacket? It must be cold! Hope Nick has a quick recovery!

Alex went on a group run

Mon 25th Nov 2019 at 6:30pm

Rainy Days and Mondays ......

Ipswich Report written by Ipswich runner

If rainy days and Mondays always get you down....... you should have been out with the Goodgym Ipswich gang tonight. There's the endorphin rush from a 5 mile (round trip) run combined with the fantastic, fuzzy, feel good factor of painting to help out at a community centre.

Goodgym is so much fun that Richard, who came for the first time last week, not only came back for a second time - he brought a friend! Phil had heard good things and joined us for the first time tonight.

So, yes it was raining as we set out this evening but in words of Andi McDowell in 4 Weddings and a Funeral - "Is it still raining I hadn't noticed?" The drizzle couldn't dampen our spirits as we headed across town with Tom and Daniela back marking superbly and managing not to lose anyone!

Our task was to paint one very small room and an even smaller porch area, so we split into 2 groups and just about were able to fit everyone into one or other of the rooms.

It didn't take long and given the close proximity of everyone it was surprising that Kerry was the only person to end up with paint on his head!

With the task complete we headed back to base with some intervals for the enthusiastic front runners ending up back on the Waterfront with a depleted group as runners had peeled off to head home on the way back - the final one being Daniela who insisted in being dropped off at the pub!*

**to finalise the Christmas meal arrangements :)

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Alex went on a group run

Mon 18th Nov 2019 at 6:30pm

Ain't Noah Stopping Us Now

Ipswich Report written by Ipswich runner

Pre run celebrations all round - Kerry's birthday and congratulations to several Goodgymers who ran the Hadleigh 10 mile race on Sunday - lots of PBs and a Suffolk County medal winner - Well done Keith, Nick, Robin, Kerry and Daniela (who was absent tonight but was mentioned due to absolutely smashing a new PB!)

Also a warm welcome on a chilly night to Richard who was a Goodgym debutant tonight.

The task was a little different tonight in that helping the volunteers at the Ipswich Soup Kitchen meant we had time for a pretty lengthy run prior to the task.

We took a long loop incorporating some hill repeats before coming back onto the Waterfront where we split into 3 teams for interval relays in the shadow of a giant replica of Noah's Ark moored alongside the quay. Had I known beforehand the plan could have been splitting the group into twos instead of threes!.

Great teamwork and effort from everyone before we completed the next section of our run to meet up with the Soup Kitchen volunteers and help distribute our own donations alongside the hot drinks, soup and sandwiches.

The final leg of tonight's run back to base brought the distance total to 4.50 miles + the hill repeats & intervals. Top work gang!

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Alex signed up to a group run.

Mon 18th Nov 2019 at 6:30pm

Helping a Volunteer Group at Ipswich Soup Kitchen UK

Help distribute food and drinks to the homeless and needy of the town

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Alex went on a group run

Mon 4th Nov 2019 at 6:30pm

Log Stacks and 3 Smoking Wheel Barrows

Ipswich Report written by Ipswich runner

*What a monumental task *

Tonight's task was a last minute change to go to Brickmakers Wood and help move (literally) a ton of logs. They have had some dangerous and dying trees felled on their site. However the work couldn't continue until the humungus pile of logs were moved to create space to carry on. So that was our job.

This was one of those night's when I think " I'm not sure we can get this done in the time we have" However once again I was happily proved wrong.

After a quick briefing from Rob the logs were flying into wheelbarrows and speedily transported into the warehouse were a stacking team were building wildly.

There were some serious sized logs and the "clearing" team were building up quite a sweat moving the wood to be loaded onto wheelbarrows for the "transport" team.

Rob couldn't quite believe the speed and rapid progress - and I was seriously impressed with how much was achieved in such a short time - amazing teamwork and a thoroughly worthwhile task.

After all the phyisicality of the log lifting and stacking and wheel barrow pushing; I wasn't sure what the appetite would be for "parlouf" relay on the run back. ..... Ho w wrong could I be ? With the team paired up, and coned circuit marked out there was more serious effort and high five slapping... in between gasps for air!

A gentle cool down run back to base ended one of our most physical tasks, but Goodgym Ipswich smashed it!

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