Sian Dobson Hughes

GoodGym Stockport

Run like the wind

Tuesday 2nd August

Written by Sian Dobson Hughes

What started the day as rainy, windy and a dubious leaflet delivering task day, ended with sunshine, humidity and a BIG (LOCAL) batch of leaflets successfully making their way to the letter boxes of Brinnington!

Brinnington Big local are holding a number of big events in the coming weeks, combining a spectrum of community projects and organisations in the hope to raise awareness of community support in the area.

Week 1 of delivering had seen us take the lower side of the town whilst this evening's target area was the nothern side.

Laden with rucksacks, we chattered our way, meandering through a 5km circuit of the town, delivering the Big Local message as we went.

A job well done!

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We BE-LEAFLET in a thing called love

Tuesday 26th July

Written by Sian Dobson Hughes

Groundwork is a federation of charities mobilising practical community action on poverty and the environment across the UK. They are passionate about creating a future where every neighbourhood is vibrant and green, every community is strong and able to shape its own destiny and no-one is held back by their background or circumstances.

Big Local is an initiative from the Local Trust that gave 150 communities a million pounds to use to create lasting change in their area. Entirely resident-led, Big Locals are encouraged to invite representatives from partner agencies to provide help, advice and services to make the best use of the available funding in their community.

The Brinninton Big Local hub is holding a community event in the area and needed a helping hand to spread the word. Our task was to aid them in delivering the leaflets across the area.

So, on foot, 6 GoodGymers, loaded with rucksacks and boundless energy, lept to the challenge. We weaved and meandered the streets of Brinnington to post the leaflets to the community.

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Can't see the (Beech) wood for the trees

Tuesday 12th July

Written by Sian Dobson Hughes

This week's group run saw the return of 6 GoodGymers to Beechwood Cancer Care Centre to help them to continue to tidy up their outdoor space, chop down bushes, pull out weeds and general spruce up the area.

On foot or by wheels, we arrived at Beechwood warmed up and ready to amBUSH and get to work.

Rob took the reins with the hedge trimmers to cut down the overgrown hedges.

Lauren got snappy with the secateurs.

Sian revved up the lawn mover to trim the lawn.

Laura, Hannah and Sarah heave ho'd the weeds to clear the pathways.

An hour spent in the glorious sunshine, and what a difference it made!

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Getting trollied with Re:dish

Tuesday 5th July

Written by Sian Dobson Hughes

With a heat wave promised in the weeks to come, Re:dish, a local charity which aims to improve the lives of the Reddish community, needed a helping hand to take their winter stock to a near by storage unit and bring out the summer wear ready to be hung for sale in their charity shop.

Forget Porches, Mercedes or Lamborghini's... our transport of choice were 7 gleaming, silver Morrison's trolleys which had been kindly lend to us to rally the donated goods down the high street and to the storage units.

With the carts packed to the brim, 5 GoodGymers and two Re:dish task owners happily rattled our way down the road to complete the half a kilometer relay route. Once at the storage unit, we 'to me'd and to you'd' the summer stock out of storage and swiftly replaced it with the winter stock like a well oiled production line.

We then set off on the return journey back to Re:dish to unload the summer gear ready for the shop floor. Resistance training at its finest!

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A CHERRY wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday 29th June

Written by Sian Dobson Hughes

This week's group run task saw us taking on a mammoth task of clearing a secluded meadow area nestled amongst a local housing estate.

A local group of volunteer residents tend to the Mile End Meadows and their aim is to make the meadow fit for the use of local children. It is currently overgrown with brambles, bushes and weeds and so we were on hand to strip it back.

Hidden among the brambles, was a beautiful cherry tree which was littered with the most delicious cherries, and h h hidden raspberry bushes with fruit aplenty! It would be rude not to sample and so we had an on task fruit feast!

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Registration and Go!

Sunday 26th June

Written by Michelle

Sunday saw me doing a bit of Goodgym tourism at Stocksport community mile, 5k and 10k races as I was visiting friends in Manchester Saturday evening.

I worked on registration with a lovely bunch of people (was a little disappointed that I didn't meet any Stockport Goodgymers there 😢) getting everyone registered to run, and at 9.40am myself ready as I was also running the 5k 😁

A very hilly course, but a great atmosphere and great support from the public out and about, marshals and other runners 🏃‍♀️

I'm running with a quad injury so use the term run loosely 😆 especially with those hills!

The finish was a welcome sight with a great cheer from everyone helping me over the line.

Quick refuel and then time to enjoy Stocksport for a while, the stunt cyclist's were really good and lots of stands to explore and activities going on for all ages.

I made new friends and chatted with some wonderful people.

Then sadly it was time to leave the wonderful North and undertake the 3.5hr drive home to Norwich.

Goodbye Stockport and see you again soon 🤩

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