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Kingston upon Thames

Kingston GG Christmas Social

Tue 17 Dec 20:45 pm
The Albion, 45 Fairfield Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames , KT1 2PY
Deck the halls...time to celebrate on our last run before Christmas

Hohoho... it's the festive season and time to dig out the Santa hats, Christmas jumpers and all things tinsel. We're headed to the Albion again, nice and close to the centre of town so we don't have far to go after the group run. Bring your most Christmas-y outfits and the best of your festive spirit.

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Tom Mieszkowski has completed 5 good deeds with GoodGym. Tue 10 Dec 2019

Tom is a now a pretty committed GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the fifth time

Tom Mieszkowski went on a group run
Group run
Kingston upon Thames

A whopper of a roo(u)t(e)!

Tue 10 Dec
Report written by Laura Waller

It’s raining, it’s pouring,

The warm up had us falling.

We ran to Skerne,

And gave the beds a turn,

To stop the weeds from soaring!

It’s raining, it’s pouring,

We wore many a layer for warming.

Picked up some litter,

And got a bit fitter,

It’s always fun Kingston exploring!

It’s raining, it’s pouring

The wind was certainly roaring,

We admired the Xmas lights

And avoided the hill heights,

Tuesdays definitely aren’t boring!

Report written by Martel


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Group run
Kingston upon Thames

LAST (Group) RUN of the year is to the Grow Baby Hub Christmas clear up!

Tue 17 Dec 18:45 pm
Guildhall, Kingston-upon-Thames, London, KT1 1EU
Help improve the look and function for this great Charity

The Vineyard / Hub in Kingston houses faith in the community and through it's charity provides clothes for families with babies and young children. It has been doing so since 2003 and since then so many have benefited from it's service to community.

In addition it houses drop in centres and connect groups for many to attend as well.

Out task will be to assist in adding some Christmas order and sparkle from cleaning windows, sorting the stock room and if time allows perhaps some last minute Christmas prep too!

It's our group Christmas run out to do good where we live so trim your Santa beard, polish your elf shoes and get that Rudolph nose a flashing

Ho ho ho - or rather see you at Guildhall - 6.45pm (Head torch flashing too!)

Beer and Food to follow straight after too ; - )

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Group run
Kingston upon Thames

Lots of fun working with ID Verde to improve our community spaces

Tue 10 Dec 18:45 pm
Guildhall, Kingston-upon-Thames, London, KT1 1EU
Improve the ambience and environment for all who work and live here

Remember Skerne Road - How many were so pleased with our efforts to help improve their neighbourhood - Well we are back there this evening to carry on some great work with I.D Verde

We made a huge transformation to the hedges we worked on last visit so let's get that look good feel good going on this evening.

Surely it qualifies for the odd Santa hat on this run no? Either way head torches and gloves are definitely needed

Looking forward to seeing you at Guildhall 6.45pm

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Tom Mieszkowski went on a group run
Group run
Kingston upon Thames

Don’t paint goodgym into a corner

Tue 3 Dec
Report written by Kingston upon Thames runner

9 runners were warmed up on the floor planking, walking in and out slapping hands, everything we may have to do painting a floor apparently! Then they were off to SHEDx, project that encompasses a range of activities to activate and engage the local community. At their allotment off the Broadway we were met by the lovely Georgia who gave us the good news that we were allowed to throw some paint on the floor and spread it around - Yippee.

So we started in a line with brushes on the edges and rollers in middle and not one of us got painted in - making it back to the door in good time. A quick wash with festive spirit and a few additional splashes to our running kit will remind us of this great task.

Thanks for having us it was a blast and super to be helping all warm indoors on a chilly night

Thanks too for the lovely treat that awaited us back at base from Councillor Lynne to celebrate all our hard work on tasks done earlier this year - Went down well after all that running this evening!

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Group run
Kingston upon Thames

It's a PAINT job with ShedX

Tue 3 Dec 18:45 pm
Guildhall, Kingston-upon-Thames, London, KT1 1EU
Help to create a brighter, functional environment for those that use and work at this great community/ charity org

You know ShedX well we are helping them paint the concrete floor at the Farm/ Allotments area (DON'T WEAR YOUR NEW TRAINERS FOR THIS ONE!)

Those that don't then check out

They have asked us to assist with a quick prep and straight to painting and as it sounds like a full on task and a bit of a run we shall get going just as soon as we can this evening - So no wall squats or plank in the warm up (sorry) just straight business and have at it!!

It is definitely a head torch run as dark along the way.

6.45pm at Guildhall is where we kick off so please sign up so we can see numbers to advise the Task Owner - look forward to seeing you then!

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Tom Mieszkowski has cheered 10 times. Tue 26 Nov 2019

Tom has helped keep other people motivated, Tom has noticed what others have done and cheered 10 people. We doff our caps to you Tom.

Tom Mieszkowski went on a group run
Group run
Kingston upon Thames


Tue 26 Nov
Report written by Louisa Pennell

This week’s run was looking a little sparse at first glance, but fortunately we made it to a total of 5 runners (including Leader Mark, who had less photo time this week as was carrying a Mattock ...ssshhhh) and we even had a reporter to join us! Yep straight in jumping with a microphone in the warm up and then after tweaking her recording equipment, our keen reporter interviewed Kate as the rest of the group went on to Latchmere Recreation Ground. Our mission was to help prepare the area for trees to be grown.

When we arrived at Latchmere, after a couple of wrong turns and getting lost from myself and Tom, the reporter Keyari and Kate were still to arrive (busy trying to power walk and talk at the same time!!). So we made a start on the mission at hand, which involved digging, weeding, and fighting with brambles.
Kate and Keyari (Our Reporter) now on the scene so Kate was straight into ACTION and as we worked we were interviewed with all sorts of questions on why we enjoyed Good Gym so much. Answers spanned from “helping the community” to “getting fit”, to “meeting great people” AND “Ouch those brambles hurt”.

After a good bit of digging around by all and a few photo opportunities with the lovely people from the Friends of Latchmere Recreation Ground, we set off on our return journey.

There were posing opportunities beside illuminated wreaths on the Kingston river’s edge to be had on the way back, which gave a Christmassey end to a nice run! I wonder if Mark got the one running in front of the Bauble on the way out… hmmmm

Good stretch Kingston and a great physical workout at the task.

Don’t forget to sign for next week already!!

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