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Sean Coxhead has is an inspiration for the whole GoodGym community. Mon 23 Dec 2019

Sean did something extraordinary - throughout his long illness he never gave up contributing to the GoodGym community. He showed passion and determination to keep running and doing good. In recognition of how he has inspired us, we will be awarding the Inspiring Individual Award to a different runner every year, in Sean’s name. The Sean Coxhead Inspiring Individual Award will recognise individuals in the GoodGym community who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication, kindness or effort in supporting their community and fellow runners. Sean is the very first recipient of this award.

Sean Coxhead completed a training run

Morning Run

  • Sat 18 May 2019
  • 0.4km
  • 03:17
  • 07:32/km
Sean Coxhead completed a training run

The Ribbon Run #1 -

  • Sat 11 May 2019
  • 5.0km
  • 57:05
  • 11:22/km
Sean Coxhead completed a training run

Jogging the dog exercise path

  • Thu 18 Apr 2019
  • 3.3km
  • 26:01
  • 07:58/km
Sean Coxhead completed a training run

Short run with holly

  • Thu 4 Apr 2019
  • 2.9km
  • 21:41
  • 07:33/km
Sean Coxhead is going to run faster Mon 24 Dec 2018

On Dec 24th 2018 Sean Coxhead set themselves the goal to run faster.

Sean missed their target. It was a tough challenge. With all of our support Sean will smash their next goal.

During this period Sean logged 2 runs a week.

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