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Rebecca Loades completed a training run • Lunch Run
Mon 19 Apr
Rebecca Loades completed a training run • Cross country
Sun 18 Apr
Rebecca Loades completed a training run • Running up that hill (Dundee Law)
Fri 16 Apr
Rebecca Loades completed a training run • Frost and sunshine
Wed 14 Apr
Rebecca Loades completed a training run • Morning Run
Tue 13 Apr
Rebecca Loades has run 100 good deeds with GoodGym. Thu 8 Apr 2021

Rebecca has just reached another level: 100 good deeds with GoodGym. That's at least 100 times when they could have easily done something easier. But they didn't, Rebecca has kept going and going. Helping a lot of other people and getting a bit fitter at the same time. Congratulations Rebecca.

Rebecca Loades completed a training run • 100th GoodGym mission 🥳
Thu 8 Apr
Rebecca Loades went on a mission

Y’all bready for this?

Thu 8 Apr
Report written by Rebecca Loades

Today I got a lot for lidl on behalf of Ms P. After going to collect her shopping trolley bag, it was off to my favourite discount supermarket to pick up some healthy ingredients for a lady who clearly likes to cook. I also learned that some folks call potatoes ‘Irish potatoes’ which flummoxed me for a moment as all the bags were for British spuds. Sharing this with Ms P made her laugh 😊. Dropped stuff back off and did a little jig as this was my 100th mission. Thank you GoodGym!

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Rebecca Loades signed up to a mission • Grocery shopping for Ms P
Thu 8 Apr
Rebecca Loades went on a community mission
Community mission

Food2You Tesco shop, Tuesday edition

Tue 6 Apr

Are you available to help our friends at Food2You on a Tuesday morning in Surrey Quays? This is a fun task that will make a big difference!

What's involved?

  • Meet Food2You team at Tesco in Surrey Quays between 9-11am
  • Pick up a shopping list and head into the store to find the items
  • Bring these back to the team, where together, you will double check the items before they are boxed to go through the till


  • If you arrive and there is a queue, go to the front and tell them you are volunteering with Food2You/Age UK and they will let you in
  • Walk through the store to the far end. In between the alcohol and the bakery section there is a big double white door. Go through the door, turn left, and Terry and the team should all be in there
  • If you can't find the way, look out for shoppers in Tesco with red clipboards, that say 'I'm shopping for local older people' on the back, and they will be able to point you in the right direction!

Food2You is a shopping delivery service provided for older people through Age UK. We are excited to be able to get involved, with this task now a weekly activity on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

You will, of course, need to adhere to social distancing rules, wear a mask and gloves and take direction from the Food2You team.

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