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plog days are over.....(for now)

Tue 31 Aug
Report written by Michael

It has been a while but this week we return to the wonderful World of plogging.

Plogging – The environmental and health movement from Sweden that cleans up the world!

14 goodgymers met outside Sport Wales National Centre eager to get out and do some good. Tonight we were joined by Victoria who was filming some footage for a piece for Buzz magazine.

Plogging has some great benefits, health and exercise helps boost mental and physical well-being, it helps to keep plastic out of the sea, saves wildlife and their habitat and makes local areas generally nicer places to live.

We split into two teams, three were going to head off on a walking plog as they were overcoming injuries. They were going to concentrate on the park whilst the rest of us run along the river Taff to help keep that plastic out of the waterways before heading into town and back to the start location.

It was great to see the gang as they ran off in all directions, all gloved up and picking up rubbish, the bag holders had there work to do running to the ploggers too. It was really nice to hear thanks from passers by, the odd person shouting 'GOODGYM' and meeting the owner of a new ethical, sustainable restaurant who not only thanked us but ran through the park to do so. They will also be going out with staff for a litter pick once opened, maybe some new goodgym members there too?

We had gone only 2.5 km and already we were running out of bags, so Michael ran off to the shop to but some more whilst the group (now led by Nathan) continued on the agreed route. It wasn't too long before the new bags arrived, and all kitted out again we made our way into the city and through the streets, splitting into two group either side of the road to make the most of our numbers.

We made our way to the final location, just outside the Castle on the public seating area whilst flying the goodgym colours. We waited for Victoria for some final shots in the City Centre (can't wait to see the final edited footage) before running back to meet the walkers for a group photo.

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Get ya PLOG on

Tue 31 Aug 18:15 pm
Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9SW
Keep the city and river clear of plastic

We are going to have a plog around the city, there will be a choice of distances available plus an option to litter pick if you are unable to run.

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Sat 28 Aug
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Tue 24 Aug
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Mon 23 Aug
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Wed 18 Aug
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Tue 17 Aug
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Goodgym gets GOLD 🥇

Sun 15 Aug
Report written by Michael

Gold (gold), always believe in your soul, you've got the power to know, you're indestructible, always believe in, 'cause you are, Gold (gold).

Today was a special occasion, our group run this week had moved from the regular Tuesday to Sunday so that we could take part in the I am team GB Hero Event.

It was a very short run / walk up to the Maindy velodrome this morning, but we would make up for that by doing a lap whilst there. Our mission today was a good one, it was part of the talent test and was made up of the following;

  1. A timed 20m sprint
  2. A stationary broad jump
  3. A skill set (participant led)

As people arrived, we ticked them off our list, welcomed them as all goodgymers always do before leading them on a warm up around the track. Then it was over to the tests to be timed and recorded, with some very excited parents snapping photos. Some may have been a bit apprehensive at first but after the warm up seemed raring to go.

After 45 minutes it looked as though we were done, so we decided to take a lap around the velodrome – it would be rude not too. #Eat our gold dust

Ready, set, go

Now it was time to collect the cones, mats and balls back up and clear the path ready for the cycling event to start around 13:30……..oh wait whose that popping up?

Prynhawn da Ed Clancy

So, we are not quite finished just yet, as we seem to be part of a photoshoot! I think that may be the closest I will ever be to a gold medal from the Olympics.

Ed was great (we’re friends now so I can call him Ed), we chatted a little about goodgym, how great the display box for the medal from Rio was, whether he’d knitted a pouch for the medal - standard stuff really.

This was a great way to end the week, with the wonderful volunteers from our goodgym family – worth their weight in gold.

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