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Maura Cole completed a walk • Afternoon walk
Fri 15 Oct
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Double task

Wed 20 Oct 18:00 pm
Fratton Community Centre, Trafalgar Placel, Off Clive Rd, , Portsmouth , PO1 5JJ
Helping Fratton Big Local and Miltoncross

Meet at Fratton Community Centre.

Indoor task - to make lanterns for the light parade. This will take place in the community centre. The light parade is a bit earlier this year so the lantern making needs to happen earlier! At least 10 people needed for this task. Nice and relaxed, a good unwind after a day at a screen.

Outdoor task - run to Miltoncross school from Fratton to continue on the green space clearing. This will be a much more physical task!

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Community mission

Supporting the Victory 5

Sun 5 Dec 09:30 am
Lakeside North Harbour, Western Road, Portsmouth, PO6 3EN
Keeping people fit and healthy!

After our stirling work at the Lakeside 5k series this year, we've been invited back to marshal at the Victory 5.

This is a 5 mile race and this will be the 75th year it has run so it's proper old!

We will need people to help at registration, course marshals and finish marshals. Please let me know if you have a preference for a job or if you can only stay for a part of the time - we can get you a job that will work with your availability.

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Group run

I’d like to teach the world to sting…

Wed 13 Oct
Report written by Jo Kitching

We headed back to Miltoncross this evening to help continue the clearing of the green area which can be used for eco club. We didn’t have as many people as last time due to a few feeling unwell. Sending get well wishes to those. We were joined once again by Charlotte, a senior student who came up with the idea to clear this area and make better use of it.

We split into two teams, one team tackled the litter again and there is a lot of it. Jen, Maura, Rosie and Tracey started picking the litter in the area that had been cleared in our previous visit. A load more pens, sweet wrappers, plastic bottles and cans were discovered. Jen found a ruler that was in great condition and took this home so it can be cleaned up and used. The most interesting find was a school dinner tray that had been thrown over the fence into the area. This was left safely in the school yard hoping that it may be cleaned and reused back in the canteen.

The next group of Aoife, Charlotte, Jo and Tony started clearing more nettles near to the pond area that had been done last time. The nettles were never ending and most of us were still stung on the arms, legs and hands even though we all wore long sleeves and long leggings to try and protect ourselves.

The compost heap was added to yet again and plenty of rubbish and recycling was put in the bins. We’ve made progress again on clearing this area and there is still a lot more to do. We are back next week for those who want to win the battle of the nettles.

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Community mission

Shore Clean 1 - Climate Festival - GG x Jetsam x City of Sanctuary

Sun 31 Oct 10:00 am
RNLI Lifeboat Station, Ferry Road, Eastney, PO4 9LY
Collaborative shore clean

We are meeting for a shore clean.

GoodGym volunteers are asked to download the Jetsam app onto their phone.

We will be working with Portsmouth City of Sanctuary and will be litter picking in pairs with the asylum seekers who PCoS are supporting.

We will be logging all the litter that we find using the app. Litter pickers and bags will be provided, please bring gloves.

what3words meeting point: thanks.vibe.ladder

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Maura Cole completed a ride • Lunch Ride
Sat 9 Oct
Maura Cole completed a ride • GG CM beach clean
Sat 9 Oct
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Community mission

Blue sky picking

Sat 9 Oct
Report written by Judy Knapp

A beautiful warm October day - just perfect for joining The Final Straw Solent for a beach clean at the far end of Eastney.

We collected plenty of washed-up plastic, fishing line, cable and pieces of wire, and I managed to add a patch of green to my white jeans!

After adding our pickings to The Final Straw bags for them to sort, weigh and categorise, Maura continued her exercise by cycling home, while Ellie and I had a swim and Val did doggy-care.

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Maura Cole completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Fri 8 Oct
Maura Cole went on a community mission
Community mission

No Need For Extra Time!!

Thu 7 Oct
Report written by Jen Stoneham

Our return trip to Pompey in the Community was a super speedy one - 6 GoodGymmers managed to get a second coat of paint on the benches in just half the time the first cost took.

Maura cast her always discerning eye over our efforts - if it doesn't pass Maura's Quality Control its not good enough!

Luckily the rain stayed away long enough for us to complete our task!

Unfortunately I can't credit our Junior Photographer Alice on the register, but she managed to take impressive 120 photos in just five minutes! I have filtered through then for the report 🙈

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