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Moving bags

Wed 22 Sep 17:45 pm
Kings Park Cricket Pavillion, Off Ashley Road, Bournemouth, BH1 4NN
Help the Commuity garden with upkeep

Mike needs a hand this week at the original Secret Garden next to St Clements Church in Boscombe.

Meet us at the church for 6pm if you’re unable to run or cycle with us.

If you’re able to run or cycle we’re meeting at Kings Park Pavilion at 5:45pm for a little run there and then return after.

Total running or cycling distance will be 5km. Bring some gardening gloves if you have some!!

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Laura completed a training run • Evening Run
Sun 19 Sep
Laura completed a training run • Good gym
Tue 14 Sep
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Tonnes of Fun

Tue 14 Sep
Report written by Manuel Laurijssen

This week our good deed was to go and help out Paul at Bishop Aldhelm's Primary School fill some planters with soil that had been delivered.

Marianne, Sarah, Laura and myself met up at Flirt Cafe dodging some loud and intoxicated locals and aiming to start our 6km run through the gardens.

On our walk and catch up, we were talking about how we were feeling and Marianne said she felt like a fat sausage....and hey presto she found a £10 note on the ground!! What a start!!

Laura had decided that although she had a netball game in the evening that a quick run and soil shifting mission was doable...we'll have to ask her today how that netball game went.

We jogged up through the gardens chatting along and enjoying the evening sunshine, with barely any people out and about.

As always Paul was outside the school ready to clap us in on arrival and welcoming us with a big smile.

They had been given 5 tonnes of soil and our job was to fill as many boxes as possible and then empty these into the planters...let's see how much we could get done in an hour!

Off we went, trying to come up with the most efficient way of doing things without anyone overdoing it.

We got into a rhythm and although it looked like a tall ask, we managed to shift two tonnes of soil in an hour, which meant that we emptied two massive bags and filled two of the planters.

Pretty impressive stuff for 5 of feeling like a fat sausage...the other with a netball game still to come, another having spent the day working indoors and the other having run a 10k in the morning already. Man we are badass!!!

We took some snaps and set off running back through the gardens trying to get Laura back in time for her netball game!

We set off in different directions...just a little bit more tired than when we started but feeling much better for having spent time together and having helped someone out.

Another good deed and another lovely evening with lovely people!!

Next week we are doing good on Wednesday!

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Group run

Shifting soil to fill some planters

Tue 14 Sep 18:00 pm
Flirt Cafe, 21 The Triangle, Bournemouth, BH2 5RG
Help Paul the caretaker make the school more welcoming

This week’s group run takes us to Bishop Aldhelm’s Primary school to help Paul the caretaker shift soil that’s just been delivered.

The soil is for planters, so we will be transferring it to the planters to save the school a lot of labour and save Paul’s back too!

Please bring some gardening/work gloves and shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Meet up spot for the run/cycle will be at Flirt Cafe at 6pm The route will take us up through the gardens, you can catch up half way up if you like. You’re welcome to cycle along, or meet us at the school itself Task starts at 6:30 at the school. Run will be 3km one way. Then 3km back, downhill 😬

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Mon 13 Sep
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Fri 10 Sep
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Mon 30 Aug
Wed 25 Aug
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The Three Amigos

Wed 25 Aug
Report written by Manuel Laurijssen

Today's task fell through so we had to improvise a little and decided on a beach clean around Boscombe Pier.

After a few changes in personal Laura, Sean and myself converged on the steps in front of Boscombe Pier.

Sean jogged in from Winton and Laura from Westbourne, y cycled in having done a long run in the morning already.

We had a catch up on the steps and decided that the beach was so busy that a litter pick there wouldn't be ideal. So we redirected our attention to the cliff top and the parking area up there.

It was such a hot evening that we were happy to walk along and chat and fill up a black bin bag of rubbish. Exploring new areas and secret paths leading down the hill side and into bushes.

With the job done we sat down on the grass and took in the evening sun and continued our talk.

The time came to head home and Laura jetted off one way and Sean and I continued our talk, him jogging and me cycling alongside him.

A perfect evening of doing good and doing exercise combined with talking to great people.

I'm so glad GoodGym is back to what is was before lockdown!!

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