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Sun 24 Jan
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Sat 23 Jan
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Fri 22 Jan
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Wed 20 Jan
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Tue 19 Jan
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Emails & IT

Sun 17 Jan
Report written by Klara Kjellgren

Helped an elderly relative, who hasn’t got internet access, write some emails and pay some bills online, saving her from going out to do this in person in the post office.

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Klara Kjellgren has done a 12 month mission streak. Sun 17 Jan 2021

Wow, Klara has completed a 12 month mission streak. That means they've cleared gardens, moved furniture and changed light bulbs in spring, summer, autumn and even winter. Show your support and give them a massive cheer!

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Community mission

Super Sunday - Litter Picking Olympics (solo)!

Sun 17 Jan 08:00 am
Fairlop Waters, Forest Road, Barkingside, IG6 3HN
Get our for a walk and do good in your local area as part of your daily exercise

For those who are already going outside for their daily walk/run and can do litter picking safely in the area without too many people.

Litter picking is naturally socially distanced and can be done on your own. We all need a bit of motivation so please stay local, be safe and keep moving!

Olympics - prizes and accolades will be awarded for

  • 1. The weirdest rubbish item found
  • 2. The most interesting litter picking location
  • 3. The best (funniest) selfie
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Klara Kjellgren completed a training run • Morning Run
Sun 17 Jan
Klara Kjellgren went on a community mission
Community mission

Cross-country litter picking Olympics!

Sun 17 Jan
Report written by Julia

IMPRESSIVE effort from all across the country with some very impressive finds! Well done to everyone who got out there for their daily exercise and helped their local area by making it a nicer place for a walk!

I'm not gonna lie, I've failed to decided on the winners as I think you all deserve a medal for doing good on your walk, so many people just walk past the rubbish but you actually picked it up on your Sunday Walk! high five to all

However, there were some fantastic (and sometimes gross) finds that are worth a mention me thinks:

  • Not only Lucy R found ski-goggles, she also got a shout out on BBC6 radio for litter picking in Exeter! A celebrity!:)

  • James and Linda had a few 'interesting' finds but a huge Kalashnikov toy-gun and a plait(!) are worthy of a mention!

  • Dharmesh was unfortunate enough to find a pee sample.... Sorry buddy!

  • Peter once again found some condom wrappers, I'm really starting to wonder where he does his litter-picking! he he :)

  • Ceiling was very creative on her litter picking adventure by using her bike as a wheely bin of sorts, meaning she can use the biggest bag there is to pick a lot of litter quickly! Genius!

  • Sarah and John found many interesting items, but I think finding a Well Done Sticker was very apt for what they did!

  • Jess made her local park a much nicer place and in the process found a toy walkie talkie!

  • Jo managed to a variety of sports balls that included a golf ball and a tennis ball and possibly a piece of a broken surfboard!

  • Jo managed to find a shoe but only one, wonder where the other shoe dropped.... I know I know lol

  • Sara managed to find a cat carrier, thankfully with no cats inside!!!

  • Jeanette definitely deserves a medal for most bags collectd - 6 bags of rubbish!!!

  • Remy managed to multi-task by litter picking and dog walking with tow bags in one hand! That's what I call a dedication!

  • Lauren gets a in-action litter picker badge by picking up CO2 cannisters as they were thrown by some unpleasant litter tossers at a roundabout - well done! She also found a pram!!!

I hope I mentioned everyone who provided the details, it's been so lovely to read about your litter picking - you've just been super heroes for doing this on your Sunday walk! Keep it going:)

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