Jody goldman


Task Force

Doing good since October 2016

Good Deeds






Jody goldman has has led a GoodGym walking session, leading others to the task to get more good done
Wed 17 Apr 2019

Jody became a walk leader. Jody led the way for others to get fit by doing good.

Jody goldman has signed up to Gardening at Long Lane Pasture
Wed 17 Apr 2019
Jody goldman has signed up to Weeding and trimming for Ms R
Thu 11 Apr 2019
Jody goldman has run their first marathon: 26.2 Miles.
Sun 7 Apr 2019

Jody has run their first marathon. This means dedicated training, consistent effort and a lot of support. There's always some pain, always some stress, and always some questioning of what life is all about when your take on something as hard as a Marathon. Your support has has helped make this possible, now the hard work is over, give Jody a pat on the back.

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