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Jodi has completed their first run in a new area. Thu 4 Jan 2018

Curious? Jodi has just run their first session in another area. For that explorative spirit Jodi is awarded the scout badge. A Scout is trustworthy

Jodi went on a group run
Group run


Wed 3 Jan
Report written by Paul Bown

25 GGers ran between 3-10km across the borough collecting 27 Christmas Trees for recycling!

Happy New Year and welcome back - new year, new hat (for me) but same old amazing GG Camden! Welcome along to the newbies - Alexandra, Jessica, Chris, Katie and David - lovely to have you along :)

We learnt all about GoodGym, for some more information see the About Page here BUT I forgot to tell you all about the news:

  1. This Saturday we are doing a Camden Starter Session in Hampstead helping Antrim Allotments, plus we are going to do Hampstead Heath Parkrun before if you'd like to join.
  2. Also in May GoodGym are going to Bucharest Running Festival to race, party and have our annual GGxEuro fun - come along!

Right onto last night our task for the evening was to find, collect and deposit Christmas Trees at four recycling centres throughout Camden. We split into four groups covering Somers Town, Kentish Town, Camden Town and Hampstead - with distances covered ranging from 3.7km to 10.6km.

Each year GoodGym areas all over the UK take up this task to help the local council properly recycle trees. The thing is lots of people leave them out on the street and expect them to be collected but in Camden it's unlikely they will be as the services are stretched. Here is what Camden Council say on there website:

If you have a ‘real’ Christmas tree, please recycle by taking it to one of our recycling points and we’ll compost it so it can be used to grow new ones. Please remember to remove any decorations.

Following the instructions given this is where we come in. Using four different recycling points and collecting an amazing 27 trees between us, that's 1.125 per runner - nice!

Competition Time

Staying in pairs at all time and bouncing around Camden looking lost we did great work doing such GOOD for our community. Importantly though this was a competition to find the most trees with results being:

  • 1st Team PB - Kentish Town - 13 Trees (7.5km covered)
  • 2nd Team Chris - Camden Town - 8 Trees (7.3km covered)
  • 3rd Team Katherine & Rosie - Hampstead (10.5km covered)
  • 3rd Team Frances - Somers Town (3.8km covered)

What a display of skill, awareness and the ability to find trees in the dark - very unique set of skills. You should all be proud!

Well done all, see you next week for Cecil Sharp House gardening, Veg Box Leafleting and more Tree Collecting - sign up here

PB out

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Jodi signed up to a group run
Group run

First GG Camden of the Year!

Wed 3 Jan 18:45 pm
The St Pancras and Somers Town Living Centre, 2 Ossulston Street, London, NW1 1EE
Clearing Camden of Xmas Tree's

GoodGym Camden is the best way to get fit in North London, we meet every week at 6.45pm, there's a short intro and we, normally, aim to leave at 7pm. This is our first group run of the year - woop!

For the first run of the year we will be collecting up Christmas Tree's to be recycled and will have another task (4km overall).

We meet at the St Pancras & Somers Town Living Centre which you'll find on Ossulston street at the back of the Francis Crick Institute. Look out for the red t-shirts!

There is somewhere safe to leave your bags and toilets are available.

We are a fun and sociable group who do good and get fit together. We welcome all abilities but ask that you are able to run for at least 15 minutes, don't worry though we keep together as a group and no-one is ever left behind! Come along and join us!

Gonna be a good one - I'm looking forward to it!

Paul - Camden Trainer

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Jodi went on a group run
Group run

The Slice is Right

Tue 13 Oct

At GoodGym Bristol we love a bit of fun and creativity, which is why we think the Children’s Scrapstore is awesome. Companies donate their unwanted junk and the Scrapstore sort and pass it onto schools and community projects who turn it into toys, art, stage sets and anything else they can think of. As it is such a popular project they are always thankful for a helping hand sorting the donated scrap, so this time we brought over 50 helping hands!

After meeting at Vivo Sports Club and introducing ourselves we realised that not only did we have a massive group with even more happy new faces, but a lot of runners were called Emily and Dave, so remembering names on this run would be a lot easier than usual!

We ran 1.5 miles from Vivo to St Werburghs with an epiphany of Emilys and a deluge of Daves taking Bristol by storm. Our goodness must be contagious as a guy who was jogging by saw us and after a quick chat with Paul, who explained our task for the evening was to “go and cut stuff”, decided he wanted to join our helpful hoard.

After this gentle warm up we were ready to take on whatever the lovely ladies at the Scrapstore had to throw at us. We were shown around the warehouse of wonder before being split into groups and set to task. And what do you know, Paul was right in his prediction that we would be cutting stuff up. People were ripping apart curtains, cutting guttering, tearing tents, dismantling chairs, burning through rope, taking thread off of reels and our old favourite, taking phones out of boxes. It may sound destructive but rest assured that there is method to this madness. As ever when the time came to leave it was tough getting everyone to finish their task in hand. “Just one more curtain…” they exclaimed, “We’ll be quick, just gotta finish this…” came another shout. Eventually we got everyone together for a group shot before heading back into the night.

After jogging back, we assembled in Queens Square for a rather random but productive warm down. With a few tricep-dips, squats, sprints and lunges we finished off a very successful evening. Thanks to everyone who came along, you are all ruddy brilliant. Don’t forget the Scrapstore are having an open day on Saturday 17th October when you will be able to go and grab yourself a basket of scrap for a small donation. So why not come and help us build a rockery in Redcliffe at 11am and then head over there to get creative afterwards.

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