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Ivy signed up to a training session
Training session

Track Attack 2021 (Round 2)

Sat 1 May 10:30 am
Pavilion Cafe, Victoria Park, Old Ford Rd,, London, E9 7DE
Back by popular demand- 1 mile and 5km time trial in Victoria Park!

Missing our annual trip to Parliament Hill for GG Olympics, or your regular track session with your running club? Or just interested to try out track running for the first time in a social setting?

Come and join us for a Goodgym track meet at Victoria Park Track.

(We will meet at the Pavilion Cafe at the entrance to the park and then walk over to the track).

Sign up to run either:

1 mile time trial

5000m (5km)

Please comment on this event page to state which distance you would prefer.

We are planning on hosting 2 or more timed events, limiting the numbers of participants on the track at one time. Those who are not running in the race will be asked to be lap counters, and will swap roles as they run.

Although the event is timed, it definitely isn't going to be competitive. Open to all, chase your own goals!

Come and cheer each other on. Sadly, we won't be able to catch up as a group this time (post run coffee for example), but hopefully we will be free to do so soon!

Meet you at Pavilion Cafe near the entrance to Victoria Park (Globe Road), and we will walk to the track

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Ivy signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Thames WaterBlitz - help measure water quality in your area (7th-10th May)

Fri 7 May 07:00 am
Anywhere You May Be, In The World, BHA PPY
Will provide insight into pollution

This is a task to measure water quality in your area in local parks, rivers, waterways. You will need to register to receive testing kit and details how to do the testing here: https://earthwatch.org.uk/waterblitz

Description: "In urban areas around the world, our natural water is suffering from pollution and other human impacts. You can help us protect our water by providing vital information on water quality, local land use, and nearby environment. We could never collect this much information ourselves, so we are asking you to help us.

This spring we're bringing the WaterBlitz to the Thames Valley for an eleventh time and to Dublin, Paris and Luxembourg for a second time. Having repeated measurements is vital to provide robust, scientific evidence, which can be used to make real changes. "

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Ivy signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Saturday morning at Stepney City Farm : Landscaping the new wildlife pond

Sat 10 Apr 10:00 am
Stepney City Farm, Stepney Green, London, E1 3DG
We lift, wheel, rake and chat as we help the farm move this new space along...

Come and join this small, outdoor group activity!

What you will be doing

  • You will be led this morning by Task Force member Ivy and Stepney Farm's Alex as you shift aquatic soil in wheelbarrows, rake and move stones.

Need to cancel?

  • The farm need 6 GoodGymers for this activity, so if anything changes after signing-up for this activity, please un-sign with as much notice as possible, to free up these highly sought-after farm places for someone else. Thank you!
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Ivy completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Mon 4 Jan
Ivy completed a training run • Run & Revive
Thu 31 Dec
Ivy completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Sun 27 Dec
Ivy completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Thu 24 Dec
Ivy went on a community mission
Community mission

Square Roots

Sat 19 Dec
Report written by John Shirley

It seemed straightforward. The Friends of Russell Square, one of Camden's many historic areas, had arranged a delivery of mulch for spreading over the plant beds. Mulch retains moisture in the soil, suppresses weeds, keeps soil cool, prevents it swelling in winter, and makes the garden bed look good.

One snag - the heavy bags of mulch were delivered to the opposite side of the square from where the plant beds were. Enter GoodGym: runners from Westminster, Southwark and Tower Hamlets joined three Camdeners - including Rashmi, who walked down from Tufnell Park to take part in her first ever task - welcome Rashmi!

We spaded the mulch out of the bags, and using three wheelbarrows, established a relay system to transport it across the park, before spreading it over the beds in the North-East corner. The tasks were rotated for maximum efficiency, and after 90 minutes' work, much mulch had been laid. A further task was arranged for next Saturday - Boxing Day - until the Tier 4 announcement later in the afternoon put a spade in the works. But we'll be back in 2021.

(Apologies to Emily who isn't in any of the photos!)

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Ivy completed a training run • Goodgym // Russell Square
Sat 19 Dec
Ivy completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Fri 18 Dec
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