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Training session
Windsor and Maidenhead

International Women's Day 2022 Quest

Fri 8 Apr 19:00 pm
30 different locations, #IWD2022, Windsor and Maidenhead, SL6 XXX
Celebrate the inspirational women of Windsor and Maidenhead on your runs, walks and bike rides this month

"International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality. IWD has occurred for well over a century, with the first IWD gathering in 1911 supported by over a million people." (The IWD website - click here to visit and find out more).

This IWD Quest is so much more than just a 'training session'! It is GoodGym Windsor and Maidenhead's way of celebrating the achievements of women in our borough. It is scavenger hunt meets history lesson. It is life inspiration meets exercise motivation. It is route planning challenge meets guide book.

How it works...

  • IWD Quest launched on International Women's Day 2022 (8th March) and will wrap up one month later on the 8th of April.

  • Click here to access a map showing 30 locations in RBWM, each one labelled with and associated with the name of a woman.

  • Click here to access a spreadsheet detailing the impressive and varied achievements of these amazing 30 women.

  • Now your challenge is to visit as many of these 30 locations as you can on your runs, walks and bike rides before the 8th of April. At each location, read about the woman associated (albeit sometimes only loosely!) with that location and reflect on and be inspired by her achievements.

  • If you like a bit of competition, add your name to this spreadsheet, and keep it updated with which locations you have been to. We will be able to see how everyone is getting on and spur each other on to get the full house.

  • Unlike last year's 'Mad March Quest', not every location has a question to answer and we don't have a Questmaster keeping track of who has been where. Instead we track our own progress. However, there are a few questions along the way to get the cogs turning, and you may wish to collect photo/Strava evidence of your adventures.

  • Although you can complete Quest on your own, we know from experience that we are most motivated and have the most fun when we do these things together. If you want to reach out for running buddies, share photos of your adventures, cheer on other IWD Questers and more, the best forum for this is the GoodGym Games WhatsApp group. You can join by clicking here or by contacting Amy on amylovell@goodgym.org or 07939487106 and requesting to join.

  • Be safe, be inspired and have fun!

  • Note that you will still have access to the spreadsheet and map after the 8th of April in case you don't complete all 30 locations before then and you wish to continue exploring.

Many thanks to the Maidenhead Heritage Centre, whose virtual exhibition on inspirational women in Maidenhead helped me create a large part of this Quest. The exhibition includes many more inspirational women than my spreadsheet. Click here to explore the exhibition.

Thank you also to Amanda Quincey, Nicola Hine and Jen Simpson, who contributed to the list of 30 women.

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Hannah Bolton has done a 6 month mission streak. Tue 1 Mar 2022

Hannah just completed a six month streak of doing missions. That’s so many bags of garden rubbish cleared and jobs done to help someone out and put a smile on their face. Give Hannah a cheer to encourage them to keep up the good work.

Hannah Bolton went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Making a splash at the library

Sun 27 Feb
Report written by Amy Lovell

Maidenhead's Big Read are putting on a brilliant ocean-themed festival this weekend, and they asked us for help creating sea creatures to decorate the library. It dolphinately wasn't your typical GoodGym community mission, as we made the creatures at home, in our own time and often with help from our families, but it was whaley fun!

I found that cutting out a large carboard sea horse, shark and other marine friends made for a surprisingly good workout, and others got fit on their journeys to deliver the creations to my house. Kudos to GoodGymer Tessa Allanson, who is on the Big Read Committee, and did a beautiful job of hanging up our handiwork in the library windows on Monday morning.

I took my children to check out the display on Monday afternoon and it looked fin-tastic! From turtley awesome sequinned creations and s-gill-fully crocheted fish, to a 'Mr Blobby' Octopus (who looked like he needed a wee), we really made a splash!

You should make a trip yourself to sea the displays this weekend, and to enjoy the Ocean Alive! event. Check out the o-fish-ial programme for the weekend by clicking here. There is lots to entertain both children and adults - from story telling and visiting authors to an incredible Ocean Dome in the amphitheatre. The events are free but you can book tickets to secure your space.

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Hannah Bolton signed up to a training session
Training session
Windsor and Maidenhead

February Running Tag

Mon 28 Feb 19:00 pm
All sorts of interesting places, Around Windsor and Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, SL6 XXX
Running tag is back by popular demand - play all month!

We had so much fun playing running tag last year, we've decided to play again this month. Hopefully it will motivate us all to get out running (or walking!) a bit more, give us a bit of route inspiration, and help us open our eyes to landmarks and vistas we might not have noticed before in our neighbourhoods.

How to play:

  1. Join the GoodGym W&M Running Games WhatsApp group by clicking on this link.

  2. Check out the group photo and see if you can figure out where it was taken. This is the 'current tag'.

  3. If you know where the current tag is, run or walk to that spot (with a buddy or two if you like) and take a photo of yourself there. Share that selfie in the WhatsApp group and tell everyone where it is.

  4. The first person to do step 3 (and to get it right) gets to share the next photo (and make it the group photo), moving the game to a new location. And so on!

A few rules:

  • Pictures must be taken in Windsor & Maidenhead.

  • The new location to find should be posted soon after finding / uploading the existing tag so we keep momentum.

  • If nobody finds a current tag within a few days you might need to give us a clue so the game doesn't stall.

  • Stay safe. If you're running at night make sure you're clearly visible to road users. Tags should be in public locations.

Happy running and walking!

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Hannah Bolton has led a GoodGym walking session, leading others to the task to get more good done Mon 31 Jan 2022

Hannah became a walk leader. Hannah led the way for others to get fit by doing good.

Hannah Bolton went on a community mission
Community mission

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Sun 30 Jan
Report written by Derby runner

A feather in the cap for all the eagle-eyed observers who took part in this community mission, logging their observations for the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. As well as a wide geographical wingspan (eleven different GoodGym regions including herring gull, oops, sorry, Haringey), we covered a broad age range; first in the pecking order was Suzanne’s newly-hatched 18-month-old daughter who helped her out on the mission. Hannah’s children also helped her to take part.

The birds were tweeted to a feast of delights including sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, nyjer seeds, suet, unsuspecting worms nestling by the compost bin, and buggy nibbles (no Veganuary in birdland). Tessa’s home-made apple bird-feeder was commandeered by an acrobatic squirrel.

Some of the more exotic birds on our lists included a great spotted woodpecker in Georgeta’s garden, a female blackcap in Sheila’s, a red kite in Jen’s and a buzzard in Ben’s. Jacqui and Sally travelled to Hampstead Heath for their session, where the parakeets were out in force! They ran beforehand and enjoyed drinks afterwards, though not a flight of sherry.

It was great to hear that so many of you were already keen birders. Interestingly, a few of us shared the frustrating experience that several of our “regulars” were mysteriously absent for the hour we were participating in the birdwatch, but here’s hoping that they will be back with us soon. (Shame there wasn’t some sort of get-out claws allowing them to be recorded.) Gwyn and I had just returned from volunteering at junior parkrun at an RSPB reserve before taking part in this community mission – perhaps we should have done our bird-spotting there, beakause there were few takers in his usually-popular garden.

Congratulations to Suzanne who was taking part in her very first GoodGym session today. Welcome to the flock.

If there are any stragglers who've not yet submitted photos, it's not too late for me to add them; just email them to tracey@traceycool.plus.com

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Hannah Bolton signed up to a community mission
Community mission

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch: DIY logging

Sun 30 Jan 16:00 pm
A garden near you, Any GoodGym region, Anywhere
Enjoy watching birds and support RSPB with data collection

This community mission can be carried out at any stage over the three-day period 28-30 January 2022. Feel free to do this either individually or in a small group, ensuring that you adhere to the COVID-19 guidance.

Set aside an hour to watch the birds, it could be in your own garden, or out in the countryside; log the different species, and count how many of each land in the area. Once the hour is up, log your observations on the RSPB website.

As well as signing up to this community mission, please also sign up here on the RSPB website in advance. There's lots of useful information on there, giving identification advice, and hints on what foods can be used to tempt birds into your garden.

If you take any pictures, please send them to tracey@traceycool.plus.com for inclusion in the write-up.

A bird of prey visited my garden last year (see photo) - I'm wondering whether he'll make a return trip, but the pigeons will be hoping that he doesn't reappear!

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Hannah Bolton signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Green hearts for climate awareness & sustainability

Wed 26 Jan 12:00 pm
Wherever your legs take you, Wherever your heart desires, SL6 XXX
Complete this creative task anytime before Wednesday 26th of January

A chance to be creative, be active and fight the climate crisis? And I can complete this task at a time to suit me?? Sign me up!

Thanks to Claire Taylor from Wild Eton Wick, who has invited us to take part in this brilliant project. Claire's vision is for a window display at Windsor Yards comprising lots of green hearts mounted on white-washed pallets. The hearts will be made by local organisations, whose activities include promoting climate awareness and sustainability.

The project is part of a national initiative run by the Climate Coalition ahead of Valentine's Day. You can read more about it by clicking here.

So here's how to complete this community mission:

  1. Make a green heart. You can make your heart any size you like, but roughly A4 width as a minimum. You can make it out of anything you fancy, but recycled materials are particularly encouraged. You could use paper, paint, fabric, wool, glass, plastic, etc....to quote Claire, 'imagination is our only restriction.' It does also need to be green! This is also an opportunity to promote GoodGym, so don't be shy about using the GoodGym logo in your design.

  2. Run, walk or cycle to deliver your heart to Amy. If you need Amy's address you can contact her on amylovell@goodgym.org.

  3. Do all of that before or on Wednesday 26th of January 2022.

  4. Consider joining Amy and her bike trailer on a bike ride to Eton Wick or Windsor to deliver all the hearts to Claire. Comment below or in the WhatsApp group if you're keen!

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Hannah Bolton has completed 15 good deeds with GoodGym. Thu 2 Dec 2021

Hannah has completed their 15th good deed with GoodGym

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