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Hannah Bolton went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Creativity Unleashed

Sun 22 Aug
Report written by Amy Lovell

GoodGym members were given the opportunity to display their creative side, by making bunting for the Maidenhead Town Show. The brief was to create bunting representing the GoodGym organisation, and the result certainly did not disappoint. Amy hid the blank bunting in her garden for individuals to collect by running, walking or cycling, and then they set to work in creating their designs. Sophie started the ball rolling with her bunting encapsulating the GoodGym experience, setting a high standard for others to follow. Over the next few days, more bunting followed from Hannah, Nicola, Matt, Georgeta, Claire, Sula, Sheila, Tessa, Amanda and Amy. What a wealth of hither-to hidden creative talent had been unleashed, utilising a huge variety of techniques - Sharpies, paint, embroidery, appliqué and crochet as well as some inspired use of pom poms, buttons, sequins, and even scrabble pieces and a playing card. The GoodGym logo and red and white featured heavily in the designs. Sheila and Amy sewed the 43 pieces of bunting onto over 10 metres of tape ready for display on the big day. A huge thank you to everyone who took part - a truly mammoth group effort, with stunning results, doing GoodGym proud. Even the ladies from the Craft Coop were impressed.

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Hannah Bolton completed a walk • Stroll
Thu 12 Aug
Hannah Bolton signed up to a group run
Group run
Windsor and Maidenhead

Run or walk to (not!) harvest acorns at Ockwells

Tue 14 Sep 18:15 pm
Ockwells Park, Maidenhead, SL6 3YX
Help grow a future woodland!

Please note the earlier 6.15pm start time of this session.

Group runs are the best of GoodGym: getting fit and doing good all rolled into one, with plenty of laughter too. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, this Tuesday evening session also includes a healthy dose of nature. Can't wait!

Our plan for the evening:

  • We meet at the car park at Ockwells Park for a quick warm up and briefing.

  • We set off on a 2-3km running route or a 1-2km walking route through the park to our task location. Like with all of our group runs, you can choose whether to run or walk. All paces are welcome and both groups will have a back marker to make sure no one is left alone.

  • We had hoped to be harvesting acorns, but our local acorn expert Alistair reports that this year's crop is only providing slim pickings, so instead we will be doing sapling care - weeding around the little trees planted last Winter, giving them space and light to thrive. Do bring gardening gloves!

  • When we've finished our task we all head back to our start location running or walking for a fun fitness session. On a tree themed evening our fitness session is likely to include a few planks, but we will also branch out into squats and other fun things. Sorry about all the (a)corny puns! We try to keep the fitness session fun and accessible, with lower/higher impact options to suit your fitness level.

  • We then have a stretch and to say our goodbyes. Sometimes there is cake.

Can't wait to see you there.. Do bring a head torch for when the sun goes down.

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Hannah Bolton signed up to a group run
Group run
Windsor and Maidenhead

Run or walk to paint for the Windsor Horse Rangers

Tue 24 Aug 18:45 pm
Holyport War Memorial Hall, Moneyrow Green, Holyport, Maidenhead, SL6 2NA

Please note that this group run has been cancelled.

Give the exterior of the classrooms some much needed TLC

The Windsor Horse Rangers is a charity, which aims to give children access to ponies and to educate them about all aspects of riding and horse care. The charity has reached out to GoodGym for help sprucing up the outside of their classrooms with a lick of paint. This is a big task so get your friends to sign up too!

Our plan for the evening is to meet at Holyport Memorial Hall for a a quick warm up and briefing. We will then run or walk 3km to the Windsor Horse Rangers site on Forest Green Road. Some of the route is on quiet, rural trails, but there is a short stretch on the road where we will need to go single file and be aware of traffic. It is up to you whether you run or walk. All paces are welcome and we will always have a back marker to make sure no one is left on their own.

When we reach our destination we will get stuck into our task painting the outside of one of the classrooms. If you're anything like Amy (or working near Amy) you're likely to come away with paint on your clothes so don't wear anything too precious! There will be the opportunity to work up a ladder. Please take care and only do this if you feel it is safe.

Around 8pm we will head back to our start location on foot. Please do bring a head torch or run light so we can be seen on the road as the sun goes down.

We will finish with a few strength exercises, some lovely stretches and a brainstorm to see who can come up with the best horse puns for the run report...

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Hannah Bolton went on a group run
Group run
Windsor and Maidenhead

A Thames Valley Adventure

Thu 5 Aug
Report written by Amy Lovell

Well done to Kanika, Diya, Sheila, Sula, Sara and Hannah, who all joined me for our first session helping at the Thames Valley Adventure Playground (TVAP). This brilliant local charity promises 'a range of adventurous, therapeutic and educational play activities in a safe, caring and stimulating environment' and it didn't disappoint! The target audience is normally children and adults with disabilities and their families rather than us GoodGymers, but that didn't stop us enjoying ourselves.

Thanks to our task owner Gary, who gave us a warm welcome, showed us round and armed us with everything we would need for the tasks.

Sara, Kanika and Diya tackled some painting in the waiting room, ticket office and tunnel/platform for the imaginary TVAP train. Left to their own devices I was a-freight they might go off the rails, but it was all white, previous painting missions have given them lots of train-ing and the finished result was very a-track-tive!

Meanwhile the rest of us got busy deep cleaning the soft play and sensory room. Nevermind team GB, this was an opportunity for team GG to shine! Like star gymnasts, Sheila gave a clean performance on the floor and Hannah showed her attention to detail on the high bars. Sula's speed climbing demonstration was extremely polished and I almost resembled a slow motion replay from the bmx as I wiped out on the slide. It was dust the job!

As far as group runs go, the 'get fit' side of this one was relatively relaxed - a refreshing power walk along the Jubilee River in the rain, with some stretches afterwards back at TVAP.

The TVAP site is extensive, so we hope to be back soon for more painting, cleaning and adventure.

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Hannah Bolton completed a walk • Morning walk
Wed 4 Aug
Hannah Bolton completed a walk • Afternoon walk
Mon 2 Aug
Hannah Bolton has cheered by other people 25 times. Sun 1 Aug 2021

Hannah is part of a crowd that's making a huge noise. Hannah has been cheered by 25 people - that's a round of applause just on their own. We hope they keep it up.

Hannah Bolton completed a walk • Sunday walk ❤️
Sun 1 Aug
Hannah Bolton signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

The Maidenhead Town Show Bunting Project

Sun 22 Aug 19:00 pm
Wherever your legs take you, Wherever your heart desires, SL6 XXX
Decorate the town centre, celebrate community and creativity, and share the GG love!

(You may have spotted that this is a duplicate of the listing for the 14th...that's just because this is a community mission that can be done anytime before the 22nd and I don't want anyone to miss the opportunity! Sign up for one listing or the other, make some bunting and rest assured your good deed will count.)

It's time to get creative and help paint the town (GoodGym) red!

This is a community mission that can be done at anytime between now and the 22nd of August - on your own, with other GoodGym members or with your family, it's up to you!

The Maidenhead Town Show is organised by the Craft Coop to be a celebration of community and creativity of all sorts. This year community groups like GoodGym have been invited to help decorate the town for the event by creating bunting.

Click here to read the full instructions from the Craft Coop.

In short, here's how it works:

  • Pick up a bunting flag or flags from Amy (whatsApp or email amylovell@goodgym.org for address details).

  • Decorate your flag(s) with the GoodGym logo and colours and any pictures, words or design that you feel represent GoodGym. Use sewing, permanent markers or fabric paint. Avoid anything that would wash out and avoid attaching glitter or anything likely to fall off and create litter.

  • Return your flag(s) to Amy by the 22nd of August. Amy will string them together and deliver them back to the Craft Coop to be used at the Town Show.

We are also likely to be listing a community mission or two to support the Town Show on the 11th of September so save the date now and keep an eye on the listings.

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