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Guy Hindson has completed their first weekend mission. Sat 13 Mar 2021

Guy has forgone the usual weekend routine. Instead of lie-ins, roasts and strolls around the park Guy has dropped everything to run a GoodGym mission for someone who needed help. Respect

Guy Hindson has run their first missions with GoodGym. Sat 13 Mar 2021

Guy has just done something they've never done before. Guy has just run a mission; they've changed their running route and run to help someone who really needed their help.

Guy Hindson went on a mission

Deliver groceries for Mr C

Sat 13 Mar

Goodgym have been asked by Riverside Engage, Hackney to get shopping for Mr C. He will have cash to give to the volunteer.

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Guy Hindson signed up to a mission • Deliver groceries for Mr C
Sat 13 Mar
Guy Hindson has been Mission Verified. Mon 8 Mar 2021

Congratulations to Guy who is now Mission Verified. They're now ready to start running GoodGym missions to help older people and running alone to community mission. Give Guy a cheer to kickstart their mission running career.

Guy Hindson went on a community mission
Community mission

Ringcross Riders

Fri 5 Mar
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

On Friday evening, Area Activator Simon, Guy and Marie Laure pedalled over to the Ringcross Community Centre Foodbank for Goodgym Islington's weekly cycle delivery task. The foodbank team had prepared 9 full crates of shopping, food and essential supplies for local Islington families and households (approximately 36 full bags between us). We used our large waterproof backpacks and panniers to drop off all of these within 1 hour 30 minutes, just before the sun went down.

Smashing work everyone! We will be back again same time, same place, next week!

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Guy Hindson signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Cyclists wanted! Ringcross Community Centre Foodbank

Fri 5 Mar 16:00 pm
Ringcross Community Centre, 60 Lough Rd, London, N7 8RH
Delivering essential supplies to local neighbourhood families

Ringcross Community Centre has been operating a large foodbank since the start of lockdown, and currently offers food and essentials to over 70 Islington households every week.

Islington Cycle Club have also offered assistance to the project, by arranging a food collection pickup from shops and supermarkets, often using a cargo e-bike.

Goodgym have offered to assist with delivering shopping parcels to various households around Islington (no more than 2 miles from the community centre).

Would you like to be a foodbank cycle courier?

All deliveries will be prepared in advance, with addresses and contact phone numbers attached to the parcels.

You will need:

A bike

A method for carrying pretty heavy stuff

This can be pannier bags, or a large rucksack (12 ltrs or larger). Most deliveries would be the size of 4 shopping bags of items, so a larger capacity bag will make your trip easier. A few spare bags will be available to borrow if required.

There are 3 large bags available to borrow if you are without a suitable rucksack!

Some sort of map

Google maps on your phone would be fine.

Confidence when cycling on London streets

We are looking for safe cyclists! Steady, controlled and predictable cycling is preferred over speedy deliveries!

Any questions, feel free to contact Simon Fitzmaurice (Islington Trainer).

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