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Tue 19 Jan
Girija Tase went on a mission

A gg standard

Tue 19 Jan
Report written by Girija Tase

Laura and I met outside Mrs M's after a little confusion looking for the house. We had been asked to move a bed to make space for a hospital bed. Mrs M's daughter was surprised to see two women sent to carry a bed down two flights of stairs. In about twenty minutes we had the bed in their garage and there was room for the hospital bed. Mrs M's daughter was pleased and we made our separate ways home. I used the mission to add to this week's goodgym Southwark A-Z run challenge. We didn't take any pictures so this if from another A-Z challenge run!

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Girija Tase completed a training run • 2021 run #10a - goodgym mission
Tue 19 Jan
Girija Tase signed up to a party

Southwark 5th Birthday Social!!

Wed 20 Jan 18:30 pm
., ., .
Drop in and share a drink!

It's GoodGym Southwark's 5th Birthday!!

Which means only one thing, getting together to get fit and share a toast!

At home and online we can still celebrate so drop in and say HI with a drink and maybe a squat or two from 6.30pm.

Use the Zoom link on your mobile or browser.

Meeting ID 681 676 2332 Passcode SOUTHWARK

See you there!!

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Girija Tase completed a training run • 2021 run #9
Mon 18 Jan
Tue 19 Jan
Girija Tase signed up to a training session
Training session

A-Z of Southwark

Sun 24 Jan 00:00 am
Old Spike Roastery, 54 Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4JR
Join in the challenge!

This weeks challenge is to complete the A-Z of Southwark!!

This means we are looking to run on the streets around us, completing the list of road names starting with every letter in the alphabet.

This is a TEAM challenge, so pick your letter and fill in the street name on this spreadsheet.

Don't forget to take a photo! Send it me by email or whatsapp.

There can be more that one entry per letter, the more the merrier, this challenge is to run to ALL 26 letters THIS WEEK!? - CAN WE DO IT?

Here is a long list of street names in Southwark, we might have to step outside the borough for the letters X & Y...

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Girija Tase completed a training run • 2021 run #8
Sat 16 Jan
Girija Tase went on a training session
Training session

What a Lotto running!

Sat 16 Jan
Report written by Ian Gostling

This weeks Challenge was Postcode Lotto!

To complete the challenge we had to Run/Walk through as many postcodes as possible (including your home address). This could be achieved in as many activities as you wish from Monday - Saturday.

Once runners had ticked off their postcodes, they had the opportunity to use the postcode numbers (eg SE15 / SE22 / SE5) they had run through, to enter a ticket in the Saturday Lotto draw at 7.45pm.

With GoodGym runners rising to the challenge, the competition was on to see who could collect the most poscodes!! Leading the pack was Paulin with a whopping 9 postcodes in one run alone! That surely took some navigating and planning, well done!! Emily & Emma were close behind with 7 on their routes, followed by Ian & Girija with 5.

Now with our fingers crossed, it was left to chance to see if any of the numbers we chose came out in the draw! The minimum Lotto prize is for 2 corrrect numbers between 1-59. And with all postcodes numbers in Southwark ranging from SE1 - SE27 the results for the Lotto draw would need to be fairly low numbers!

The results are in 3 - 15 - 38 - 45 - 48 - 53 - (27 Bonus Ball)

Sadly there were no new millionaires, with Paulin having the closest match SE15 & SE27!

Well played everyone! Great to see your routes and efforts 😊

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Girija Tase completed a training run • 2021 run #7
Thu 14 Jan
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