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I like to run with a purpose of giving back to the community.


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Geena Yip has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Mon 9 Dec 2019

Geena completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Geena was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Geena Yip went on a community mission
Community mission

Just keep swimming! (Mini Mermaids x Goodgym Highbury Fields parkrun takeover)

Sat 7 Dec
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

We had an amazing crew of Goodgymmers at Highbury Fields parkrun last weekend (plenty of runners from GG Greenwich and GG Islington present), out to show their support for Mini Mermaids Running Club.

Mini Mermaids Running Club is a wonderful organisation, developed to encourage young girls to take on new challenges (running in particular, but with a lot of emphasis on teamwork, collaboration and support). This week's parkrun was the final session for the Islington mermaid's 8 week training plan, building up to the 5km distance.

Children under 11 years of age are not allowed to run parkrun on their own, so inspiring female runners from Goodgym and other active running groups were requested to run as an accompanying adult with each of the mermaids, and to support them during their challenge. We also had familiar Goodgym faces assisting with key volunteer positions on the course too, and an awesome cheer station of Mini Mermaid parents and parkrun regulars!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Rakhia Ismail, the mayor of Islington, who showed her support for the Mini Mermaids, and cheered them on from the mega cheer station near the finish!

What an awesome way to start a Saturday. Congratulations to the Mini Mermaids, and Thank You for your support Goodgymmers!

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Geena Yip signed up to a group run
Group run

Flyering for the Made In Greenwich Shop!

Wed 4 Dec 18:45 pm
Queen Anne Building, Old Royal Naval College, 30 Park Row, LONDON, SE10 9LS
Spreading the work about this wonderful new shop celebrating local crafts!

Hi everyone and welcome to GoodGym Greenwich!

We're a friendly and social group who combine running with volunteering in the local community. We meet every week to get active and do a physical task for charities and community organisations in the area.

The Task

We will be flyering for the Made In Greenwich shop which we actually visited back in the summer to paint the inside prior to their opening! The shop is now open and looking lovely and is full of local crafts which would make wonderful Christmas gifts. We will be posting flyers around the local residential streets to hopefully generate a bit of festive footfall for them.

The Run

The run will likely be between 3-5km and we will do a short fitness session at the end if time allows.

Where & When

We meet at 6.45pm for a 7 o'clock start at the Old Royal Naval College between the Queen Mary and Queen Anne buildings. The session will be about 90 minutes in total so we should be all wrapped up by 8.30pm. We have a room to store bags and belongings if needed as well.

What To Bring

No need to bring anything this evening. Just make sure you are warm enough as we will be outside for the entire session.

I will still be away this week but the run will be covered by marvellous run leader Nicky who some of you may have met if you've touristed in GG Lambeth!

Have fun and see you next week!


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Geena Yip has been Mission Verified. Thu 14 Nov 2019

Congratulations to Geena who is now Mission Verified. They're now ready to start running GoodGym missions to help older people and running alone to community mission. Give Geena a cheer to kickstart their mission running career.

Geena Yip signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Mini Mermaids Running Club & Highbury Fields parkrun- Be a Mermaid Mama!

Sat 7 Dec 08:30 am
Highbury Fields, Islington, N5 1QP
Encourage and support the Mini Mermaids to complete their first 5km challenge!

Goodgym have been warmly invited to contribute towards the Mini Mermaids Running Club parkrun takeover at Highbury Fields!

"Mini Mermaids stand for self-worth, value and movement. ​ We change the lives of girls and young women by shifting their internal experience and the way they interact with the world around them through innovative character driven curriculum.

Mini Mermaids train for a local 5K challenge through a structured 8 week programme where the focus is not on how fast the girls are, but on helping them find their happy pace and develop a life long love of movement and activity."

We are looking for female Goodgym runners to run with a Mini Mermaid, and to offer support during their 5km challenge!

More info here:

(STOP PRESS: All Mermaid Mama roles have been filled, but we are still looking for marshals, volunteers and cheerleaders! See below...)

Male Goodgymmers and non-runners are welcome to sign up to volunteer on the Highbury Fields parkrun volunteer roster too!

It would be lovely to have a strong Goodgym presence at this event, and to help some awesome young runners meet their goals!

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Geena Yip has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Wed 13 Nov 2019

Geena is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Geena Yip went on a group run
Group run

We're not leafing until it's done!

Wed 13 Nov
Report written by Sarah Place

21 awesome runners ran to help clear leaves at Ballast Quay garden AND flyer for the Blackheath Christmas Fair!

We welcomed three wonder G's to the group last night, Geena, Gaivile and George! What a great start to your GoodGym careers... cold, dark and rainy... but we wouldn't have it any other way, would we??? :)

We did a quick little warm up and then set off on our run to the garden.. and five minutes later we had arrived! We all piled in, Diane explained what needed doing, essentially clearing as many leaves as possible and chucking them all into The Thames.. it's ok, it's all biodegradable waste and the council says it's fine!

Half of the group stayed in the garden while the other half took some flyers, the same ones as last week and delivered them around the local area. Thankfully the fair hadn't happened yet and is actually taking place this weekend if anyone wanted to pop down!

We grabbed brooms and bags and got cracking on the leaves.... and then the heavens opened! Dry, light crispy leaves quickly became soggy and heavy but that didn't matter, they were being bagged up and thrown out into the river probably even quicker at this rate, we needed to move fast if we wanted to stay warm. Or, an alternative method of keeping warm was to hide in the shed which is what I found Brin doing when I went in to look for some gloves.. gave me quite a fright, like something from a horror film!

After half an hour, a huge mountain of leaves had formed on the river bank and it was time to head back, just as the rain stopped, wonderful! We took a quick photo, said our goodbyes to Diane and ran off, hoping that the leafletters would meet us back at the uni, which they did very shortly after.. PERFECT!

Meet and retreat!

Since by this point, us gardeners had run less than 2k, it was time for a bit more running! Apologies to the leafletters who had covered in the region of 20km each. Anyway after a butchered explanation of the simplest running session, we got into pairs and ran around in opposite directions until we saw our partner, high fived and then turned back around with the aim being to arrive back at the start at the same time as our other half. Which seemed to work the most part! We switched partners a couple of times for maximum integration (we will have no cliques here!) and then after the third one was done we headed up for a final stretch :)

GREAT WORK everyone, thanks for getting SO much done, you made a tremendous difference and honestly that would have been a whole weekend of work for Diane so huge thanks and WELL DONE for doing it in the rain and cold and not kicking up a fuss! You're all AWESOME!

Community Missions GALORE

As I mentioned yesterday, we have loads of wonderful community missions coming up. For those of you that don't know, community missions are essentially the same as a group run like last night except everyone just makes their own way to the task and they don't require a DBS check (unlike regular missions) so you are ALL welcome to join and get your good deed!

Manning the cloakroom for the Rainbow Trust at the O2 - Saturday 16th November, multiple shifts

Conservation work at Vanbrugh Pits - Saturday 16th November, 10am-1pm

Helping at the pop-up kitchen in Woolwich - Friday 22nd November, 1pm-7pm, multiple shifts

Being an accompanying adult for a Mini Mermaid at Highbury Fields Parkrun! - Saturday 7th December, 8.30am-10am

Helping at the Surplus Feast in Woolwich - Saturday 7th December, 9am-7pm, multiple shifts

See you next time folks! We are heading to St Lukes next week which is always a lovely one! Have a lovely rest of the week!

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Geena Yip signed up to a group run
Group run

Tidying up the Ballast Quay Garden!

Wed 13 Nov 18:45 pm
Queen Anne Building, Old Royal Naval College, 30 Park Row, LONDON, SE10 9LS
Clearing leaves and helping out Diane!

Hi folks

This week we are heading back to Ballast Quay garden. Lots of leaves have fallen since our last visit and Diane is struggling to keep on top of it all so we're going back to help her out.

Please bring a headtorch as it will be dark and there is little/no lighting at the garden. Your own gardening gloves would also come in handy plus something to keep warm as we will be outside for the whole session.

The run in total will be fairly short this week, about 3k and we will do a fitness session at the end if time allows.

We meet at 6.45pm for a 7 o'clock start at the Old Royal Naval College between the Queen Mary and Queen Anne buildings. The session will be about 90 minutes in total so we should be all wrapped up by 8.30pm. We have a room to store bags and belongings if needed as well.

See you then!


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