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1st Birthday Party and Quiz

Fri 26 Feb 19:30 pm
Your Street, Your City, Your Post Code
Get together to celebrate our first year

This Friday 26th of February is the anniversary of our launch. GoodGym Windsor and Maidenhead is turning ONE!

GoodGym area birthdays are normally marked with much fanfare and cake, and although we may be locked down, that doesn't mean we can't party. Join us on Zoom for a light-hearted quiz and a good laugh.

You are only required to bring yourself, but if your idea of a good party also includes your family, cake, a chocolate fondue, vodka luge or bouncy castle, then obviously you're welcome to 'bring' that stuff too.

Zoom details will be emailed out around 15 minutes before to everyone who signs up. They will also be shared on the group WhatsApp.

If you can manage a celebratory run in your GoodGym t-shirt (and party hat?) earlier in the day too, then even better! Why not reach out to the group to find a buddy to join you?

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us....!

Duration is an estimate.

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Gareth Lloyd went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

An evening to leaf us smiling

Wed 4 Nov
Report written by Amy Lovell

It was unbeleafably chilly and very dark as a lovely big group of us gathered in the village of Burchetts Green to help out at the infant school. There was also an odd feeling of celebration in the air as this was the Eve of Lockdown 2, and therefore our last chance for a a good few weeks to be out in these numbers and on this kind of non-essential task.

Amy, Jess and Sophie arrived feeling toasty from having run cross country from Maidenhead. Amy loves a star-lit, muddy adventure and was thrilled that Sophie and Jess were persuaded to join her - not least because if she had met that enormous red combine harvester in the dark by herself she might never have made it to the school at all.

We were welcomed by Rob, the head teacher at Burchetts Green Infant School, and it was great to meet parents from the school, including Katherine, Jordan, Louise, and Sarah, who had heard about the session and wanted to get involved. Welcome to GoodGym!

GoodGym member Gareth also showed great commitment by coming all the way from Windsor to join us. You might be relived to hear he drove rather than running the 15-20km alone in the dark, and don't worry he still got an excellent workout during the task and on the climbing frame afterwards.

Our to do list for the evening included clearing up heaps and heaps of fallen leaves from all over the school grounds, weeding and cutting back hedges from around the entrance and digging over the raised beds in the sensory garden; and the school had done a great job gathering all the right tools for the job.

Some of the more memorable moments from the evening included: Sophie and Jess's synchronised 'rake runs' across the playground to clear leaves and their victory lap on the ride-on tractors afterwards (plus tractor santisiation to reduce risk of Covid-19 transmission); Jordan's expert handling of the leaf blower; Sophie falling in love with the big green leaf-grabbers; Gareth's incredible strength tipping a ton of leaves over the fence; Jess braving the brambles to retrieve a bag after another leaf-tipping attempt went a bit wrong; some excellent logistical levering with a rake handle to avoid the need for further bramble bravery; and Amy lobbing various weeds and debris at Gareth from a height.

Before and after photos of a large outdoor area are hard to capture in the dark, so please use your imagination to picture large patches of tarmac, astro turf and grass being revealed, huge piles of leaves disappearing, and climbing frames seeming to grow taller as the sea of leaves beneath them is swept away.

From Burchetts Green to Burchetts clean! We wonder what the children made of it in the morning...? We had a lovely time at the school and we hope to be invited back at some point to help with painting window sills and doors.

After an hour or so fingers were freezing and hot drinks and showers beckoned. Amy, Jess and Sophie were rewarded with sparkling frost on the grass and a lovely moon on their (slightly longer...oops!) run back to Maidenhead.

**As we enter Lockdown, GoodGym will not be shutting down. We will be focussing our efforts on helping those charities providing essentials to the more vulnerable members of our community. We have lots of listings to help at the Baby Bank in Maidenhead over the next month, and we also encourage members to support their isolated neighbours and to work with other community groups in the Covid response. Good deeds done outside the GoodGym listings can still be self-logged on your GoodGym profile. If you are new to GoodGym and you want to know more about ways to get involved, Amy would love to hear from you.

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Gareth Lloyd signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Helping Burchetts Green Infants School

Wed 4 Nov 19:00 pm
Burchetts Green CE Infants School, Burchetts Green, Maidenhead, SL6 6QZ
Tidy up the sensory garden, paths and car park at this village school

Burchetts Green CE Infant School are welcoming us into their grounds to help with a number of jobs. The to do list includes digging over beds in the sensory garden, sweeping up debris from the conker tree, cutting back weeds and hedges around the entrance, sanding and painting window sills, and giving the car park some TLC.

Don't forget your head torch!

The school is in a rural location. If you want to join a small group to run to the task from Maidenhead and back again afterwards, please sign up to this separate 'training session' as well. The distance is 3km out and 3km back in the dark on lovely country trails. We will have a back-marker to make sure no one gets left behind. Numbers on the run will be limited to 6.

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Gareth Lloyd went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Pegging it around the allotment

Wed 28 Oct
Report written by Amy Lovell

It was great to return to the Maidenhead Community after a few weeks' break, and to welcome Gareth, who was helping out here for the first time.

There have been some exciting developments since our last visit, including a new raised bed behind the shed, some picnic benches, and new guttering that connects to one of the water butts.

One of the four raised beds on the patio area had also been completely cleared, and our main job for this evening was to plant out some winter veg in this bed and cover it with netting. We also had a blackberry bush to plant, which Gareth managed within moments of our arrival.

We were both feeling the cold, so we decided to stay warm by running laps of hilly Boyn Grove park next door:

We planted out the greens, then we planted one foot in front of the other on our first lap of the park.

We looped the netting over the raised bed then we looped round the park again.

We pegged the netting into place and then we pegged it round the park again, with a couple of hill repeats thrown in for good measure.

A great evening out despite the cold and dark.

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Gareth Lloyd signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Helping at the Maidenhead Community Allotment

Wed 28 Oct 19:00 pm
Boyn Grove Community and Resource Centre, 11 Courthouse Road, Maidenhead, SL6 6JE
Water, weed and dig to help this community veggie plot thrive

Stop by on your run to help at the Maidenhead Community Allotment. Weeding, watering, digging new beds, filling water butts, marvelling at the thriving vegetation and perhaps snacking on some kale - there is always something to keep us busy!

Don't forget your gardening gloves and head torch.

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Gareth Lloyd went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Holyport by name, potholey by nature

Wed 14 Oct
Report written by Amy Lovell

Holyport by name, potholey by nature

Holyport FC is a volunteer-run football club, which provides football coaching and games and acts as a social hub for the local community. The access track to the club (which is now based in Maidenhead rather than Holyport) is prone to potholes, so GoodGym runner and Holyport FC committee member Richard called us in with the goal of filling those holes and keeping the track smooth and safe.

Pothole lotta fun...

The evening got off to an exciting start as Richard, Carole, and Claire helped a driver who's car was stuck in the mud before the official task had even kicked off. They then met the rest of the team - Amy, Gareth and Sophie, and Richard got us set up for the main event. He equipped us with wheelbarrows, spades, a rake and some some snazzy lights, and lead us into the dark to find the potholes and a big pile of shingley, dirty, stoney stuff - sorry I can't remember the technical term! There was something quite special about working in the crisp fresh air and darkness, especially with the atmospheric lighting.

All the shingle ladies, all the shingle ladies! (Plus Gareth and Richard)

We then got to work shovelling the shingle into the wheelbarrows, tipping it into the holes, and using the rake and our feet to spread it out and stamp it down. Whilst vaguely reminiscent of a burial scene in a horror film, the rhythmic scrape and thump of the spades was also very satisfying to hear, and it was great to see the holes disappearing. Every now and again a group of cars would come past, lighting up our handiwork, testing it for smoothness, and doing a bit of road-rolling for us.

After about an hour we realised we were on barrow-ed time (thanks Gareth!) so we headed back up the track. On our way Sophie spotted some litter along the road-side and she litter-ally couldn't resist picking it up. Before long she had filled a wheelbarrow.

Before we finished we gave the Holyport vets a quick cheer in their game vs Goring vets, and then we ran off. Sophie and Amy stopped by on their way home to deliver some vinyl Poppies that Sophie's mum has been making to raise money for the British legion - yet another good deed in the bank!

We hope to return for another fixture soon with this great local club.

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Gareth Lloyd signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Filling pot-holes for Holyport Football Club

Wed 14 Oct 18:45 pm
Westmead, (the end furthest away from Aldebury Rd), Maidenhead, SL6 7HQ
Help this community club keep their main access route safe

Get your fresh air fix and a great upper body workout shifting shingle to fill potholes on the access lane for Holyport Football Club.

The club is completely volunteer run, offering football for girls, adults and veterans (U16 boys are based in Holyport) and serving as a community hub for many.

We will be using spades and wheelbarrows and gardening gloves are essential. It will be dark and uneven underfoot so you will definitely need your head torch. Hopefully it will be less uneven underfoot by the time we finish than it is at the start!

The best way to access the task on foot is via a lane at the end of Westmead in Maidenhead, so that is where we are meeting. If you are running late please contact Amy so that we can arrange to meet you. We don't want anyone to get lost!

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Gareth Lloyd has has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Tue 15 Sep 2020

Gareth completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Gareth was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Gareth Lloyd has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Tue 15 Sep 2020

Gareth is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Gareth Lloyd went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

A white mist on the horizon for the Pilates of the Carribean

Tue 15 Sep
Report written by Amy Lovell

This evening was our first session helping to paint the new community centre at the Pirate Ship Park in Windsor. This new community venue will include an indoor play area for children, a meeting room, and seating for Woody's cafe, who are collaborating with RBWM on the build. It will be a great destination for local families.

Mist on the horizon...

Following the fitting of the floor in the majority of the venue today, GoodGym were invited in to start the mist coat in the meeting room, toilets and storage room. Sorry I mist what you said...? Thank goodness we had experienced GoodGym Slough members Kam, Sara and Gauri on hand to explain that this was not a nautical weather term, but a diluted coat of paint - messy, but necessary.

Not only did these ladies help us with their paint know-how, they had already done allot of Good, coming straight from a community mission at the new therapy allotment at Wexham Park. Paint no stopping these Slough superstars!

New shipmates

This evening's crew also included newcomers Nadege, Gareth and Amanda - a warm welcome and a yo ho ho to you all. Kudos to Amanda and Gareth for their runs to and from the task, and Nadege we are all in love with your beautiful 'GoodGym red' bicycle!

We also welcomed Adele back for her third task, sporting her new red t-shirt with pride - so glad your fridge arrived on time! And Amy was also very excited to finally meet Laura, who went down in history in August as the first runner to do a mission to help an isolated older person in Windsor and Maidenhead, and is on the brink of reaching the magical milestone of 10 good deeds.

All hands on deck

Our task owner Lee, who runs Woody's cafe, made us feel very welcome and showed us the ropes. We laid the dust sheets (not to the wind), shared out the plentiful brushes, rollers and pots, and it was all hands hoay!

Amanda and Adele took the helm in the meeting room, with help from captain Amy and first mate Laura. Kam and Gauri made sure things were ship-shape in the storage room, Gareth and Nadege did a great job in the toilet off the the main hall and Sara was the mainstay in the other toilet, joined later by Amy who ended up squatting like a pirate on the poop deck to reach some of the trickier bits around the loo.

We made good progress, but there is still plenty to do on this coat, and further coats... Jess and Sara are coming back for more tonight and you can sign up to join them by following this link.

Pilates of the Carribean

Amanda, Adele and Laura all set sail for home after the task (work and a new fridge beckoned), leaving 6 of us - the maximum number for a GoodGym fitness session according to the latest Covid-19 safety measures. The hall in the new community centre is a Pilates instructor's dream and allowed for ample social distancing, so Amy couldn't resist leading a quick stretchy band work-out to get our timbers shivering.

Well done me hearties!

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