I’m the GoodGym Trafford mascot! I love a good run about and mucking in with the tasks. 🐶❤️


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Freddy completed a walk • Walking and wading
Mon 18 Jan
Freddy completed a training run • Morning Run
Sun 17 Jan
Freddy has run a 10k for the first time. Fri 15 Jan 2021

Freddy has just run their first 10k. 10,000 metres would take you most of the way across London. It's far. Freddy now knows a bit of what it might be like to be Mo Farah.

Freddy has run their first 5k. Fri 15 Jan 2021

Freddy has just logged their first 5k with GoodGym. Freddy has joined the ranks of Athletes like Tirunesh Dibaba - running gracefully over 5000 metres. Show Freddy some love.

Freddy has logged their first training run with GoodGym. Fri 15 Jan 2021

Oh yes. Freddy is training. This is how the greatest atheletes on earth are made. Freddy is making it happen. They logged their first training run on the GoodGym site; extraordinary things are sure to follow.

Freddy completed a training run • Super frosty run and walking
Fri 15 Jan
Freddy completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Thu 14 Jan
Freddy signed up to a training session
Training session

January Challenge BINGO!

Sun 24 Jan 19:00 pm
Nicky Spinks group 1 only, Nicky Spinks group 1 only, Nicky Spinks group 1 only
Motivation to keep fit, do good and clock some KMs towards the January Challenge

This year's January Challenge is all about distance.

Each GG area is in a group with 6 or 7 other areas. There are 8 groups, each working as a team to cover as much distance as possible running, walking, or cycling over the 31 days of January to win the challenge and become famous!

Liverpool, Leicester, Bexley, Solihull, Brent, Barnsley and Trafford form our group and our team name is Nicky Spinks.

Following on Leanne's suggestion and to keep motivation going we have a little game of BINGO.

The idea is to complete the task allocated to a particular day and keep sharing photos and achievements on your local WhatsApp, or Facebook groups.

Please send me photos and quotes etc. for the final report at the end of January. A selection of photos from each area and a summary written by the respective AA would be brilliant.

If you would like a copy of the bingo sheet just drop me a line on

Let's clock up those KM's to stay at the top of the leaderboard ;)

IMPORTANT Make sure that you track all activities on Strava (even the couple hundred meters that you will have to walk to take a photo of a red car) and have your Strava account connected to your GoodGym account.

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Freddy has connected Strava. Wed 13 Jan 2021

Freddy has got Strava connected. Strava is a great way to track your progress.

Freddy completed a walk • Rainy walk
Wed 13 Jan
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