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Fri 21 Jan
Emma Rapley went on a mission

Grocery shop in Holborn

Wed 19 Jan
Report written by Emma Rapley

Aah what a result! After walking around the backstreets of theatre-land, I finally found myself at the correct address and journeyed round the corner to a local supermarket for a quick and easy grocery shop. Everything on that list was gathered and paid for. MsL was happy and so was I.

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Emma Rapley completed a walk • GG 2 in 1
Wed 19 Jan
Emma Rapley went on a community mission
Community mission

Ringing a bell.. sounds like good fun!

Wed 19 Jan
Report written by Paul Salman

Two Goodgym Member’s came together to help close Stephen’s house and Gardens. The park is run by a charity and relies on volunteers to keep costs down and help staff. We walked around the lovely 10 acre Park ringing the bell asking people to leave by 4 pm. I started ringing the bell and Emma took over to finish It sounds like good fun … and it was! Well done to Emma who has travelled along way to hear the Bells.

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Emma Rapley signed up to a mission • Please deliver groceries for Ms L
Wed 19 Jan
Emma Rapley completed a training run • CR 56miles training run 10
Wed 19 Jan
Tue 18 Jan
Emma Rapley signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Help close a charity park

Wed 19 Jan 15:30 pm
Stephens House & Gardens, 17 East End Road, Finchley, London , N3 3QE
help keep costs down for charity park

Stephens House and Garden need someone to assist with closing the park at 4pm. This will involve 20 minutes of work (with the park  gardener Josh) advising the public that the park is closing. Somebody local or if someone wants a one off mission to see a beautiful park in Barnet. Once the grounds of a wealthy Victorian family now held in trust for the people of Finchley. This a charity 'pocket park' (not council) and relies on volunteers and self generated income) Come to main house (opposite a zebra crossing Eastend Road N3) and ask for the Steward and he will give you the bell. You then just need to go around the park ringing the bell and telling people the closing time. You may not see the gardener. Please return the bell before 4pm. Max 2 people required. Why not arrive early and do a few laps around the park? Invite a GG friend to join you? Cafe and toilets on site.

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Emma Rapley signed up to a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

MONDAY NIGHT GROUP RUN: The Big Bulb-Plant with Friends of Mile End Park

Mon 24 Jan 18:30 pm
Town Hall Hotel - Hotel Entrance, Patriot Square, London, E2 9NF
1000 bulbs need planting in-and-around the park!

We're back to see the brilliant John of Friends of Mile End Park to help plant 1000 bulbs this evening!

What you need to know

  • We'll be meeting at our usual beautiful location at the Town Hall Hotel from 6:30pm, where we're allocated a warm room for changing, toilet facilities and secure bag storage.

  • At 6:40pm we'll begin a short warm-up on the hotel's splendid steps before leaving to Mile End Art Pavilion at 6:45pm.

  • We'll be joining John from Friends of Mile End Mark to help plant bulbs in multiple locations, including the Holy Trinity Church, Tredgar Square and in Mile End Park itself. There may also be a bit of litter-picking involved.

  • If you'd rather meet at the task, we'll be meetingJohn at 7pm at The Art Pavilion Mile End Park, Clinton Rd, London E3. 4QY.

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Emma Rapley went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Thorn to Be Wild

Mon 17 Jan
Report written by Laura Williams

It was chilly, it was dark, it was January but was it blue? Hell, NO.

Last night’s escapades in the Best Borough in the World proved one thing: January blues can be banished with banter, vegetable beds and Basil the dog.

A good-sized group of runners gathered at our gorgeous meeting location, the Town Hall Hotel, to chat and warm-up together.

Town Hall Hotel??

Yep, we can’t imagine a better meeting spot than the Town Hall Hotel. The warmth of the lobby is rivalled only by the warmth of the welcome we receive every week from hotel staff.

So once bags were stored securely and loos used, we proceeded to spend a few minutes posing for pics on those lovely hotel steps, before making our way through a hip-and-thigh mobility warm up, as requested by Task Force member Emma.

Led by Task Force pro Chris, we then ran the short distance to the Hollybush Estate down bustling Cambridge Heath Road, where we met Margaret and Basil The Dog for a fill briefing for this evening’s tasks.

The Task

Runners were divided into multiple teams, a large team at the back of the park cutting back and chopping all sorts of climbing greenery and lethal thorny bits, while other smaller teams worked on vegetable beds at the front of the gardens, helping keep them in decent shape for several of the residents who currently need a hand to maintain them.

It was focused work, and it was sociable, but boy, was it cold. But did the team complain? Absolutely not. On they cut, tackling as many weeds and as much overgrowth as they could in that short hour. (They even managed to squeeze in a little dog-walking as Emma proceeded to take Basil a short walk ‘round the block to stretch his legs, offering him a little late night canine cardio).

And then it was 8 and time for that all-important group pic, before we headed out into the night, some on foot, some on cycle, and some running back to the hotel to gather belongings and change.

It was lovely. It was the perfect antidote to mid-winter fatigue and it left us excited for the next episode.

Next week

...we return to Mile End Park, for bulb-planting with the brilliant John.

Until then.

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