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The People's Army: Food parcel/meals deliveries (New 5pm Start)

Mon 5 Apr 16:45 pm
the angel church , 5 chadwell street , islington london, EC1R 1XD

Please note that this community mission has been cancelled.

Help them with food and essentials when they cant provide for themselves

A new referral from a super active community project!

We are looking for volunteers to assist with the delivery of food, supplies and essentials for households around the Islington borough.

Typically, our deliveries will be prepared ready-meals in plastic tubs. One trip would require a Goodgymmer to carry 8-16 tubs in one go, dropping off multiple meals to one or two locations.

Foot deliveries or very careful cycle couriering would be best of this task. Shopping bags or Ikea-style luggage bags are perfect of carrying these items.

Location examples:

The Angel Church to Holloway N7 address (2.3 miles)

The Angel Church to Archway N19 address (3.1 miles)

The Angel Church to Barnsbury N7 address (1.4 miles)


  • Participants must be DBS certified for this task.

  • All sign-ups must be listed by 12pm on Friday, to allow for packages to be prepared.

Any inquiries, contact Area Activator Simon Fitzmaurice (listed on page).

The People's Army

An Islington volunteer scheme has supplied more than 10,000 meals to the local community over the coronavirus lockdown, providing around 1,000 meals a week in its peak.

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Emily MacLoud signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

**ONGOING COMMUNITY MISSION** Joining the Barts Volunteers as Active Hospital Responders OR at the NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Centre, ExCeL

Wed 30 Jun 16:30 pm
Royal London Hospital , Whitechapel Rd, Whitechapel, London, E1 1BB


GoodGym were asked to get involved with Nancy Whiskin and her team at Barts Volunteers at the start of the year.

Over the past few weeks, GoodGym members have enjoyed a variety of tasks, both within the hospital environment and at the Vaccination Centre at Newham's ExCel.

Activity may include taking staff meals from the canteen up to the outside of the wards; manning the (glass-fronted) visitors' desk; running patient belongings left by friends and relatives up to the wards; overseeing the rollout of the new staff wellbeing centres...

There are many roles which will include high levels of physical activity for GoodGymers.


  • This is a rolling Community Mission - you pick your preferred dates and times when you sign up via the link below. THE SIGN-UP DATE ON THIS LISTING SHOULD BE IGNORED.

  • Ignore any automated GoodGym confirmation email you receive confirming the date on this listing.

  • Your sign-up will take place externally, here, directly with Barts Volunteers.

  • If the sign-up is temporarily closed when you click through, please check back again soon. Any issues with this, contact laura@goodgym.org

When you're signing up directly with Barts, please note:

  • GoodGym applications must be marked clearly, as we will be treated as a separate group when being processed online.

  • In due course, we will have our own dropdown box on sign-up under the question, "Are you from another organisation?" But for now, please make it clear on your application you're from GoodGym.

Health and safety

  • There are stringent processes in place at all of the Trust's venues to keep volunteers safe.

  • You will not be in contact with any patients or visiting any wards.

  • You will be taken through a full risk assessment at your first visit.

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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

The flagship afternoon shift at Bethnal Green foodbank!

Wed 23 Dec 15:30 pm
Bethnal Green Food Bank, St Matthews Church, St Matthew's Row, London, E2 6DT
Come and be with Mariam on the lively afternoon shift in the run-up to Christmas...

What's that, you say? Too many After Eights and not enough activity already? We have just the ticket...

Mariam has asked for a couple of pairs of brilliant GoodGym hands at this lovely Wednesday afternoon session.

What you need to know

  • 3:30pm: You'll meet outside the church front entrance.

  • These are the regular foodbank sessions, that could involve any number of tasks from completing registration to clearing away.

  • Wrap up warm, as the church can get pretty chilly, and the team like to use the outdoor space too, at the moment.

  • Mariam is leading and she's on 07863145465.

  • Any queries or issues GG-end, although I won't be in attendance, I'm here overseeing, so just shout - Laura

  • Please, please un-sign as early as possible if you change your mind after signing-up (that gives someone else the chance to step in). Spare hands are at a premium at the moment, and so we want to fulfill the GoodGym quota if possible.

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