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I love running (the muddier the better) and I love my goodgym gang. They rule. ❤️



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Caprice Mcwilliams completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Sat 10 Apr
Fri 9 Apr
Tue 6 Apr
Caprice Mcwilliams went on a community mission
Community mission

Four Seasons in one Litterpick

Tue 6 Apr
Report written by Manuel Laurijssen

This week the green space picked to be given a spring makeover was Kings Park.

After a day of cloudy sunshine and chilly winds, the time to get together slowly approached...along with the dark clouds and threat of icy rain! Typical!

Well, no icy rain fell from the skies, instead we were treated to snow!!

It didn’t deter us though. 12 of us got together and after a quick chat we split up into teams and started to comb through the park.

We welcomed Ellie to her first Bournemouth mission. She’s moved down from Leeds and has swept through the south coast with a wave of good deeds, sprinkling across Portsmouth, Southampton and Poole along the way!

We managed to coax Sean out of his hibernation, Sue had a close call on her way to meet us and Sam and John ran a combined 20km to come and hang out with us! Love it!!!

The teams collected 6 bags of rubbish in total. We found tea cups, skateboards and a little Chihuahua in a crate....(no no, he belonged to the travellers in the car park)

After about an hour and with different limbs threatening to go completely numb we called it a day and headed off in different directions.

Next week we go again! Come and join us!

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Caprice Mcwilliams completed a coach visit
Mon 5 Apr
Caprice Mcwilliams completed a training run • Run back from GG litter-pick
Thu 1 Apr
Caprice Mcwilliams went on a community mission
Community mission

Claws Out

Thu 1 Apr
Report written by Manuel Laurijssen

On a beautifully sunny day, we gathered at the entrance of the church with massive smiles on our faces, feeling a great sense of relief.

....we are back to doing good with our favourite people!!

The excitement of socialising re-energising my legs into an evening run for the first time in almost a year!

Sarah didn’t have a great start to her day but we quickly turned that around by collecting litter and chatting and laughing.

Hannah was brave enough to tear herself away from her baby boy for an hour, which was great for us!

John celebrated his end to shielding FOR A YEAR!!! Let that sink in... filling bags of rubbish and dodging syringes!!! Let that sink in..... Hahahahahaha

It was so lovely to be together again. And great to see the church has revamped their grounds...which meant we had to find all new rubbish didn’t take us long!!

We filled 6 bags full of rubbish, from crab claws to hot water bottles to jeans and shoes, perfectly reusable Pimm’s jug and still wrapped, tuna cans!!

All magical finds and excited to see what next weeks litter pick in kings park will come up with!

Are you signed up to come along???

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Mon 29 Mar
Caprice Mcwilliams completed a walk • Morning Walk
Sun 28 Mar
Caprice Mcwilliams went on a training session
Training session

All Suns Blazing!

Sat 27 Mar
Report written by Euclides Montes

27 Goodgymmers bathed in glorious sunshine, revelling in the first hints of summer, as they walked/jogged/ran to cover the 196850 inches needed to complete their Saturday (not)parkruns.

Been There, Sun That!

Let this be a timely reminder that when GGHaringey brings it, We. Bring. It! What a wonderful day of sunshine we all enjoyed, thanks to whatever black magic GGHaringey arranged with the (not)parkrun gods. But as putative Gramps at GGHaringey I'd like to assure you that there will not be any need for Wicker Man burning offerings to placate the dark deities. Instead, 27 Goodgymmers covered a whopping 135kms (or 442913 feet) to commemorate another weekend without parkrun proper. 

And they all looked very hawt while doing it but I will let the selection of selfies above speak for itself.

Next up, (not)parkrun Does Greenwich for Week 13 on Saturday. Sign up. Have fun. Smash it. Don't climb into any Wicker effigies #JustSayin


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