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Cycle to work day

Thu 4 Aug 08:45 am
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Improving air quality, encouraging health and sustainability.

Cycle to Work Day is the UK’s biggest cycling commuting event. This year on August 4th encourage workers all around the country to get on their bikes and get into work the best way possible – on two wheels!

Please share with everybody, support the day and sign up below.

Find out more on this link below.

Please share this link widely.. that’s doing good!

What is Cycle to Work Day - Cyclescheme

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Alex Cameron-Smith completed a training run • Sloe Jamz
Wed 3 Aug
Alex Cameron-Smith went on a group run
Group run

Gramps, you're plum-belivable

Wed 3 Aug
Report written by Euclides Montes

11 awesome Goodgymmers descended upon the Westbury Banks Nature Reserve to lend a hand in prepping the site for the rehabilitation of a tree avenue.

Can I get a Woop Woop?

Big noise for Diego who travelled all the way from New Zealand to join us for his maiden run - talk about Goodgym tourism. Boom.

And thanks to everyone last night who celebrated good ol' Gramps as I burst my way through the big door marked '150 Good Deed Club'. You all rock. (And special mention to Alex for today's Gramps-centric pun).

Rollin' In The Deep

Never doubt our Goodgymmers to turn up with their sleeves rolled up when it comes to helping out at the Westbury Banks Nature Reserve: Goodgymmers Gonna Goodgym after all. Give them a call asking for help, and they'll never let You down. They'll turn Up with a smile on their lips and ready for action. Sometimes, they might even turn up in ways that might surprise you!

Anyway, last night was no exception. We all came ready for some hard graft. We removed an old plastic liner from the tree avenue as well as some loose stakes and logs, leaving the pathway ready for the Friends of Westbury Banks Nature Reserve to now come and make a decision on how to rehabilitate the tree avenue.

It looked like a very big job but you should've seen our Goodgymmers - they wasted no time and within 20 minutes, they has sorted it all out.

We even had time to fix a couple of fallen bug hotels and cleared a bunch of fallen tree debris from the newly-laid accesible path.

Having finished our task for the eve, Gramps was surprised with bubbles, cards, and goodies as we tried to take some group shots. Cheeky bunch!

We ate our biscuits and had a good ol' natter late into the evening.

A lovely eve.

Join us next week for more shenanigans.

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Mon 1 Aug
Mon 1 Aug
Sat 30 Jul
Alex Cameron-Smith completed a ride • Girls aCloud
Sat 30 Jul
Wed 27 Jul
Alex Cameron-Smith went on a group run
Group run

The Walk-in Shed

Wed 27 Jul
Report written by Euclides Montes

7 Goodgymmers made their way to lend Leyla at Living Under One Sun a hand in sorting out their external storage area.

The 'everybody make some noooooiiiise' corner

Dr Niamh is a shy and quiet member of the team, blink and you'll miss her. check notes Oh, no, wait, it says here that she's actually one of the naughtiest members of the squad and you'll know you're doing a task with her because the laughter will drift across site at about 10lpms (laughs per minute). And last night she laughed her way through her 100th Good Deed with GGH. Hero! We're so lucky to have you.

Also worthy of celebration is the fact that Julie joined us for a mid-week task on the back of completing 10 marathons in 10 days. I guess she just felt like running. Let us not speak of the fact that she was more nimble on her feet than a few of her GG colleagues. Rock star!

Shed Zeppelin

Gramps may or may have not spent a summer in the mid 90's fiddling with old records to test the ancient urban legend that if you play Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven backwards, you can hear all sorts of weird lyrics about Satan and spooky shenanigans in a little tool shed. Well, luckily, you don't have to read this paragraph backwards to find out that some spooky shenanigans did indeed take place in a little tool shed in Tottenham last night as we helped Layla sort out the external storage areas at Living Under One Sun.

Having organically formed a human chain, our Goodgymers made quick work of emptying the little tool shed and lining up the contents on the field. Along with Leyla, we then did a very loose inventory check of things that were good to keep, things that needed a bit of repairing, and things that needed to go in the bin. This was the only time in the whole evening's proceedings where the effects of Julie's heroic running feats reared their head. You see, Badgym™ extraordinaire and prolific putting-people-in-binner Julie didn't even suggest we put any of her colleagues in a bin at this point. I guess she was tired and human after all. :)

Speaking of bins, at this juncture a second team splintered off and was sent on their way by Leyla with very loose instructions and a lack of black bags to sort out the bin storage area. Shenanigans ensued. While Charlie and John took the job seriously. Centurion Niamh and Alex spent a good few minutes trading jokes about wood and whatnot. Having eventually secured a steady source of bin liners, our team ended up doing a great job.

Finally, Sarah and Julie put away in the tool shed all the things that were salvageable - but not before Julie had felt like her old self again and climbed into a cage for sheds and giggles. Badgym™ Represent!

We then celebrated our Niamh with a card, some toys, and vegan fruitcakes before Leyla cracked open the hardcore stuff: the sweetest pecan pie Gramps has ever tasted. Incredible.

We then said our goodbyes but not before Leyla sent us on our way with bags of fresh mushrooms.

A good night.

Join us next week for more fun and games.

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Alex Cameron-Smith completed a walk • Newgale part 3
Tue 19 Jul
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