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1 GoodGymer made their way to help an isolated older person in Hammersmith and Fulham.

  • Lucy Hill
Thursday, 13th of May 2021

Hi, my name is Lucy and I think I am addicted to doing good.

Another mission for Mrs V was listed not too far from home, but I was already busy with another mission straight after work, so I sadly ignored the email sent through. Until another one came, it was my last chance to help Mrs V. No one else could do her shopping, and my first mission was at 5, so there was time to get to hers for 7, surely? My heartstrings were tugged, and it wasn’t long before the ‘mission confirmation’ email pinged into my inbox.

I head straight from mission one in Hounslow to Mrs V’s, I knocked on the door, impressed with my timing.

‘Where were you on Monday?!’ Mrs V asked! Nice to have a hello, I thought, and explained how GoodGym and the volunteering worked. Mrs V apologised - she told me I had done a much better job than any of her paid carers last week, and she was delighted that it was me again. My dopamine levels rose. Who needs alcohol or drugs when you can have Mrs V giving you a compliment like that eh?

Anyway, I popped into Iceland around the corner, and purchased the items on her list. They had cottage pie today, which was good, and I made sure to get different cleaning cloths, as the jay cloths from last week weren’t the right ones, I was told! My hands nearly froze off as I piled eight ready meals from the chest freezer into my basket, and then from my basket onto the conveyer, and then the conveyer to my bag. I’ll remember gloves next time!

I delivered the shopping to Mrs V, who was impressed with my efficiency. Regrettably, the cleaning cloths were white and Mrs V was not a fan of white cleaning clothes. She made that known, and I apologised for Iceland’s lack of diversity when it came to cleaning products. Another thing to remember for the next time!

Mrs V thanked me, and said she could be a bit difficult but I’d done a great job and she was grateful. She wished me a safe journey as I got back on my bike and made the way home. As I arrived back through my own front door, my housemates didn’t even bother asking me where I’d been and why I was back so late... ‘How was your GoodGym mission?’. I smiled and had a look at my phone, just to check there wasn’t another task going out there that I might have missed!

Report written by Lucy Hill

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