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Tile and Error

29 runners ran 5.0km to help their local community in Islington.

  • Steve Coman
  • Katie McFaul
  • Alex Cameron-Smith
  • Islington runner
  • Danica Priest
  • Simon Loughran
  • Xun Ning Choong
  • Patrick Luong
  • Benedict Lumley
  • Georgina Neal
  • Aidan Padfield
  • Islington runner
  • Graham Atkins
  • Alex Leon
  • James Gilbert
  • David Puttergill
  • Hugh Howell
  • William
  • Adam Watson
  • Ellie Richards
  • Jill Steinberg
  • Alix Guerber
  • Kirsty Page
  • Vicki
  • Katie Dunn
  • Ben Hobbs
  • Lizzie Oldfield
  • Arabella Peatfield
  • Bryony
Monday, 11th of July 2016
Led by Simon Fitzmaurice

30 GoodGymmers and two tasks this evening.

Woodchips On The Old Block

Ten gallant goodgymers ran the 3.5 kilometers up to Girdlestone Gardening Club to continue our gardening tasks but arrived to find our host, Jan, stuck in the mulch in her wheelchair totally unable to move!

Like superheroes in a cheap American comic book from the 1940s we set to work freeing the damsel in distress and saving the day, or at least her evening. Heroics completed our real work for the evening began, weeding, tidying and most importantly the reduction of the level of the wood-chips to stop the wheelchair sticking problem reoccurring.

Job done, we raced down Archway road to arrive back at the baths exactly on time for a good stretch and a well deserved biscuit. Unfortunately the biscuit giver (name supplied on request) showed none of the loyalty expected from his heroic team and gave the entire other group their biscuits first. This was a blot on an otherwise excellent but standard Monday evening in Islington. Up, up and away.


The rest of us were over to Barnsbury Community Centre for a mix of jobs:

Sofa So Good

A few of us had to construct a sofa. The group grabbed the box with all the parts in and found the cushions easily enough, but couldn't find anything else. After much searching around and failed phonecalls they finally discovered the missing parts stashed away within the cushions themselves!

As a bonus a display stand was also made. Amazing what you find in a sofa these days.

Living In A Box

Alex also found something else in the box

Tile And Error

Another team had the job of laying white floor tiles out in reception. It took a little while to figure out exactly where the tiles had to go, but they did a terrific job.

Paint The Toilets Red

Caroline and Vicki put a second coat of GoodGym red paint on the cubicle doors in the ladies. Much less clearing up this week thanks to throwing the brushes away afterwards. It's looking very red in there.

Vinyl Messi

First timers to GoodGym Bella, Xun and Bryony were joined by Lizzie and had the easiest job of all: sticking a large sheet of yellow vinyl to the reception desk. OK, I lied, it was the most fidgety job ever. But they persevered and broke the back of it.

The Vinyl Countdown

While the vinyl team - now with a few additions - struggled for the last five minutes, the rest of us went into the main hall and did a circle of circuits: we stood in a ring and took turns to pick an exercise, alternating "easy" and hard ones. Burpees, plank, lunges, sit ups and squat jumps were just a few of the delights on offer this evening.

Nicely worked-out we grabbed the vinylers and headed back to the pool in two groups where the Girdlestone gang were waiting for us.

The Grass Is Always Greener

While munching biccies we voted on the best running surface: grass, running track, road, mud or woodchip. Grass won it, so everybody has to go out for a nice run on some cool wet grass this week.

Patrick is leading the group next week. Be there

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James Gilbert
James Gilbert
Tuesday July 12th, 2016 12:10

Vinyl Messi on the counter-attack!

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