The proof is in the bedding

2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Southwark.

  • James Gilbert
  • David Drury
Tuesday, 16th of June 2020

David and James ran to Mr B's house where we made space for a hospital bed to be delivered, in preparation for his discharge from hospital later this week.

In his famous 1994 treatise on time travel, "Timecop", the Belgian philosopher Jean-Claude Van Damme posited that "the same matter cannot occupy the same space at the same time".

When applied to the classical objects known as "beds", experimentation has verified the Van Damme Theory. Special solutions were later developed as part of the Schwarzenegger field equations to accommodate "bunk" type arrays and quantum pillowing.

So, even for a couple of physics novices like ourselves it was clear what today's mission required. A hospital bed needed to go where the current bed was. Ergo we had to move the current bed somewhere else. To the lounge, in fact.

Which we did with minimum fuss. QED.

Report written by James Gilbert

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Ellie Griffin
Ellie Griffin
Wednesday June 17th, 2020 10:18

Wonderful work both - and great report!

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