Training session

The Banksys of the GoodGym World

12 runners ran 2.0km on a training session in Liverpool.

  • Emma Nibbs
  • Char Binns
  • Pauline Harrison
  • John Connaghan
  • Christina Donovan
  • Liverpool runner
  • Yan
  • Jo Gibson
  • Liverpool runner
  • Effie
  • Jak Smithson
  • Roz
Monday, 11th of May 2020
Led by Char Binns

This week’s Challenge was to create a unique piece of Strava art, i.e. turn the GPS-tracked movements of your run into a fun picture or slogan.

The Challenge was boldly accepted by 12 creative GoodGymers ready to doodle their way through a run.

Here’s what happened:

  • Roz set off audaciously to create a self-portrait then while uploading the run to Strava, she realised that she’d actually drawn her mum Jo!

  • Talking of Jo... in true style Jo used her smarts and logic to dream up an achievable and highly effective Strava picture. Check out that cute little snail.

  • Our long-distance friend Effie, now living in exile in That London proved that once you’ve been with GoodGym Liverpool, you’ll always be with GoodGym Liverpool (sorry GG Lambeth!) as she wrote a tribute to her left behind tribe.

  • Christine was inspired to create a dinosaur. And she succeeded in accurately depicting a Whatthechuffosaurus! It’s the taking part that counts ;)

  • In other reptilian adventures, Jak took on Princes and Sefton Park to create a very skinny chameleon!

  • Rowan used the kidney-like shape of Sefton Park to their advantage, drawing a bean sprout. Well done you clever bean.

  • Going for an avant garde approach, John shunned the need for realism in his art with his post-modernly titled: “Girl with a bun in hair or bobble hat if viewed at correct angle”.

  • Emma also took a modern spin, this time on an old classic, with her wiggly postage stamp. The Queen has never looked better.

  • Pauline is well known for being a brilliant cyclist and her Strava Art bike was also rather brilliant. For a start, you can tell what it is!

  • Yan put a lot of thought into a lovely new walking route but the painting element was an afterthought perhaps… So what is it Yan? “A fatty pigeon??”

  • Christina’s GoodGym logo was a brave attempt but seemed to quite literally lose its way!

  • As for me, I hit the streets of the Georgian Quarter and attempted to portray the cute face of my puppy Penny-Flo. Yes, that’s what that is, obviously!

Your efforts in this Challenge have really made me laugh; thank you team! Where we lacked in the quality of art, we made up for it in warmth of heart. Well done everyone.

Next week we have another virtual training session, which includes a dance off! Let me know you’re getting your groove on by signing up here.

Plus take a peak at your next Challenge here, are you ready to step up?

Report written by Char Binns

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Pauline Harrison
Pauline Harrison
Tuesday May 12th, 2020 19:34

Fab stuff GG buddies 👍👏👏💕🌈

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