Tower Hamlets


Take it or leaf it

Sunday, 5th of June 2016

7 runners ran to help their local community in Tower Hamlets.

  • Andreana Sutherland
  • Ted Maxwell
  • Emily
  • Graham Atkins
  • Lisa
  • Alex Eggs
  • Bill Hutchinson

On 5th June, 5 intrepid GoodGymers returned to Weavers Adventure Playground to lift, shift, and carry a range of items, including: leaves, wood (is it rotten? Extremely high-tech test - does it break when you drop it?), overgrown tree branches, and even goal posts!

Within no time at all, we transformed a previously leaf-clogged alley into a squeaky-clean exemplar, ready for the professionals to check out the pesky damp under the building - nice work team!

Following on from the alley task and a tasty lunch (brick lane bagels - amazing as always!), we split off into smaller groups to tackle more pesky roots, nettles, and sort good wood from bad. After some experimenting with the best route to take the assorted weeds over to the green wast pile, wheelbarrow time trials through the adventure course will be mandatory next time!

Another top Sunday at the adventure playground, and hopefully a bit more good done!"

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