Take a stand and put some telly into it

2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Hammersmith and Fulham.

  • Jess
  • Lucy Hill
Wednesday, 25th of November 2020

Lucy and Jess met up for a midweek mission to help Mr D. The task at ask was to move a TV and stand for Mr D, made all the more exciting by the fact it was Jess‘s first ever mission!

Mr D had come down to greet Jess, before Lucy arrived and we climbed up the stairs to his house and were shown the goods that needed going. Mr D was having a clear out, and had sorted piles of books and DVD’s and even VHS tapes to be donated to a local charity shop. The TV wasn’t working anymore, so needed getting rid, and the council had agreed to collect it, as long as it was outside the property.

The television was a vintage article, probably as deep as it was wide, and just as heavy as you’d expect. After a few moments of reminiscing about when a telly like that was a luxury we started the move.

First, a pathway was cleared - moving Henry hoover out the way, and on the count of three up the TV went. We manoeuvred out the room, round the corner and down the stairs (suddenly seeming a lot steeper when you’re going backwards with a bit of electrical kit bigger than you are). After a tricky turn through the doorways, the TV was outside the house.

Moving the TV stand was much quicker, after the bulky box. The furniture was much lighter and actually only needed one person to take down. Jess checked if Mr D wanted us to help with anything else whilst we were around, and able-bodied. Mr D actually had an old foldable table which he didn’t have use for, and it was sat in the middle of his living room taking up space, so he decided we could have our uses and take that down too.

Another lesson in too teamwork, and the table went down the stairs with the pair and the job was done. Mr D was most grateful, and thanked us as we left.

Tele-mission complete!

Report written by Lucy Hill

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