Swing lo sweet shopping trolley...

1 runner ran to help an isolated older person in Hackney.

  • Nick Moore
Monday, 6th of April 2020

Never was the business school adage "fail to plan, plan to fail" more apt for this mission, because Ms E was super organised in every respect, which made the task both enjoyable and achievable.

Armed with her comprehensive list, a crisp £20 note in my pocket and best of all her (freshly wiped clean) wheeled shopping trolley, it was off to Sainsbury's to join the well marked queue and wait my turn.

Once in, worked my way through the list, conscious of the budget but also keen to ensure I got everything on Ms E's list (as she'd explained to me before leaving her home she was keen to stay healthy whilst she awaited a deferred operation). A quick call to clarify a couple of items, and I was then in the 2m spaced home straight to pay...and so grateful for her wheeled chariot to bring the treasure back to her front door.

I didn't even need to explain to Ms E the need to wipe down her shopping (and trusty chariot), she was ahead of me on that, already prepared with her disinfectant and cloth - Ms E was very grateful and overall a satisfying and successful mission on a sunny Monday afternoon in Hackney.

Report written by Nick Moore

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Becs Clarke
Becs Clarke
Tuesday April 7th, 2020 16:29

Great report Nick!

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