Sunday morning break-fast in bed

2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Lambeth.

  • Sarah Beck
  • Elizabeth
Sunday, 8th of December 2019

For the second time this week, I met up with Sarah for a mission in Lambeth.

Today we were helping to facilitate Ms J's release from hospital by moving a bed from her bedroom to a study room. This should free up some space for a hospital bed to be installed, allowing her to come home soon.

Before getting started, we said hello to Ms J's son and I explained that I had a minor cold in case he was uncomfortable with me moving furniture (Ms J wasn't in the property). He was happy for us to continue, and after a quick wash of my hands, we got started.

It turned out that the double bed we were to move needed to be dismantled in order to fit it into the study. The following is an incredibly detailed (& boring) list of what we did, in case anyone needs to go back and rebuild it. Just skip to the end of the bullet points if it all gets too much (Christmas makes me kinder as a person):

• First, we unscrewed the slats from the outermost frame, leaving it connected to a central spine. We then lifted the spine and connected slats out of the bed (it wasn't fastened with anything) and stored it in the study.

• Second, we disconnected the ends of the bed from the frame by removing some allen-headed screws located on the outermost sides of the legs of the ends. These were also stored in the study.

• Finally, we disconnected a shelving mechanism from the sides of the bed by unscrewing some cam locks and nuts at each end and in the middle. Woot! Done!

Having finished the demolition in double-quick time, we made our goodbyes to Ms J's son and went on our way.

It was fun seeing you again, Sarah, and awesome work on your Regent's park 10km today! See you soon! 😄

Report written by Elizabeth

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Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor
Monday December 9th, 2019 15:30

Great work, and well bullet-pointed!

Monday December 9th, 2019 15:40

Cheers, Rich! :D

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