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Pooper scooper, goats are gonna find me

16 runners ran 11.0km to help their local community in Lewisham.

  • Emma Presley Abbott
  • Adele Prince
  • Kim Parker
  • Sarah
  • Vic
  • Ali Noyce
  • Gennie Joy
  • Andy Wright
  • Hannah
  • Mary Hardcastle
  • Nantaporn Thirapongphaiboon
  • Juliet
  • Bradley Smith
  • Removed User
  • Jack Burgess
  • Jenny
Monday, 18th of June 2018
Led by Adele Prince

A very sweet sixteen shunned the football madness to take on a massive 11k round trip to show some love down on the farm.

Yes, yes, we know, the World Cup only happens every four years and we have a group run every Monday, but we don't go to the amazing Surrey Docks Farm every Monday! One reason for this is the distance, at around 11km in total, it could put some people off, but we always offer the chance to bus it back if you wish. This epic challenge didn't put off three absolute first-timers though, so all our Lewisham Love this week goes to Jane, Jack and Jenny (I can't help noticing this sounds like an Enid Blyton story, 'Three Have Fun on the Farm!' maybe?). Well done for choosing one of our longest runs ever to make your debut!

Our warm-up was swift, with a little game and some dynamic drills to gear us up for the long run ahead. With our back-markers in place (thank you Mary and Gennie), we were off. On a more relaxed day, I might run straight towards the river, via Greenwich, making the most of the Thames Path, but our goal tonight was to reach our task as quickly as possible. We tripped our way through the remains of Deptford Market, hearing the odd cheer from the pubs along the way and eventually turned through Pepys Park, to meet the Thames Path and the river itself. Before long, we were approaching the back of the farm and swinging in through the gates, feeling a sense of getting away from it all.

We were met by Gemma, who could see how hard we had worked to get there in the heat, so let us cool down with some donkey petting. As we cooed and ahhhed, Gemma told us that one of the donkeys is 28 years old! A slow stroll through the farm, punctuated by the odd cat stroke and lamb pat and we were soon gathering tools to take on two tasks: pulling up weeds and scooping up poop.

The area due to be weeded is full of raised beds, which are full of delicious-looking vegetables. These are grown during the Plot to Shop sessions, where adults with learning disabilities work in the garden, growing and learning, then taking the produce through to the farm shop, where skills in retail and customer service are also gained. We were all admiring the great big beetroot and the massive red onions and making plans to come along one weekend to make some purchases.

As our goat-sweepers finished off, it was time to down tools and enjoy some goat cuddles. Gathering in the enclosure, we waited excitedly as Gemma opened the pen to allow the little kids out. Oh my, talk about energetic! They bounced and bounded, pausing only to nibble our shoe laces and try and grab straps from our bags. As we crouched to take a group photo, we realised just how cheeky they can be, as Juliet found her hair being nibbled by the cheekiest kid of all! Conscious that one of the mums was pretty much shouting from inside, we rounded them up and ushered them back in for the night. What a treat!

Our return run was slightly more relaxed, with some heading off towards home and a few pauses to regroup. It can be tricky on a long run like this to keep track of everyone, so thank you to all of you for working together to run as a group where we could. On a run of 11k, there's no time (or need!) for a fitness session, so it was straight into stretches and talk of our Summer Social on Thursday (yes, THIS THURSDAY!). All the info and sign-up is here, please join us, even (especially) if you are new, it's for everyone to have a chance to chat without running and share some food and drink in a very special place. Next week we will return to Ewart Road Clubhouse, to do some work in their lovely garden, sign up here to join in.

See you soon x

Report written by Adele Prince

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