Not just any bacon pasta and not just any chat on the doorstep....

1 runner ran to help an isolated older person in Bournemouth.

  • Hannah
Saturday, 18th of April 2020

When I called Mrs E for her shopping list, I got more than I was expecting... in a good way! A 28 minute phone call talking about ALL SORTS which was wonderful and I could tell she needed a chat! As we ended the call I told her it was lovely to speak to such a chatterbox which made her giggle, so we both put down the phone with a smile on our faces.

I had a list of items that Mrs E needed, including not just any bacon pasta, but '2 Tesco own brand chicken and bacon pasta bake microwave meals that are on the left hand side as you walk down aisle 2 and cost £3 each'. I had everything crossed that they had it in stock as I made my way to the supermarket!

2 Tesco own brand chicken and bacon pasta bake microwave meals in hand, this mission also tested my weight lifting ability as i packed 2 long life milk cartons, 2 bags of sugar, 2 bottles of ginger ale and 2 bottles of coca cola into the bags.

Delighted I could get everything Mrs E needed I dropped it off. I think I knew from the phone call that I wouldn't be dropping the shopping and leaving. 1 hour and 45 minutes later (!!) our doorstep chat came to an end. Mrs E can chat for England that's for sure! But I loved hearing stories about her life.

It might not seem like much, but I know that giving Mrs E my time would have made such a difference to her today. She told me about her family, her life, her loss, her loneliness. It's a small gesture that would have made a positive difference to her day, so I'm hoping we can provide more support to her with Coach Running too when we're out of lockdown.

Report written by Hannah

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Manuel Laurijssen
Manuel Laurijssen
Sunday April 19th, 2020 07:57

You're so lovely!
Tempted to go and try that bake now!

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