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1 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Southwark.

  • Jean-Christophe Rigolet
Thursday, 17th of September 2020

I've arrived at Mr D flat promptly at 17.00 to find him watching "the chase". Being myself a quiz fan (not that I'm very good at it) we get talking all while I'm assembling his chair and before long we've teamed up to see if we could beat the show.

Today the participants had a different adversaire from the one I knew and we end up with our own quiz question of what the real name of "The Dark Destroyer ". We've also had a good laugh at how a fishmonger got to make his fish look fresher ( we knew the answer):

A: spraying glitter glue on the scales

B: adding extension to the fins

C: putting googly eyes on them

Although the chair was done before the end of the show and Mr D could now seat comfortably to watch it, he ask me if I wanted to watch the last round with him. Only going for a run afterwards I've agreed and we seat the last round with a mix of equally good and bad answers.

Once the show was over I've bid Mr D farewell and went on my run. That's all from your quiz master for today

Report written by Jean-Christophe Rigolet

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Dave Guest
Dave Guest
Friday September 18th, 2020 09:12

This is so lovely JC! What a wonderful mission!

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