I like big doorways I cannot lie!

2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Southwark.

  • Mridula Iyer
  • JC
Wednesday, 16th of September 2020

Today JC and I went over to Mrs M's house to help her swap around the furniture in her rooms. Mrs M is 99 years old! We didn't get to meet her, but we met her son and daughter in law. Her daughter in law took one look at us, and questioned our ability to handle to task at hand. Don't worry! We are much stronger/smarter than we look.

After admiring Mrs M's wide doorways and super light furniture, JC and I made light work of moving the furniture between the rooms. Mrs M's daughter in law kept commenting on how quickly we were doing it and we let her know that this was not our first rodeo!

Soon we were done! And off we went to have a quick coffee before JC headed off to a community mission, and me to a bootcamp.

Report written by Mridula Iyer

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Ellie Griffin
Ellie Griffin
Thursday September 17th, 2020 09:46

Nice work both!

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