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13 runners ran 5.2km to help their local community in Poole.

  • Nicola Barker
  • Esther
  • Robert Campbell-smith
  • Lauren Atkinson
  • Nicola Farrell
  • Ali
  • Elizabeth Lees
  • Richard Knowles
  • Patricia
  • Fiona Donaldson
  • Jane Edwards
  • Jonathan Scarff
  • Andrew McTaggart
Tuesday, 18th of February 2020
Led by Esther

It was one of those wobbling starts that grew to become amazing! .

A last minute change of start location was needed as Daveena's cafe had some work being done at the back decking. Thankfully a few calls to Sloop across the way and the landlady had no problem with us using their pub as a base for tonight and thanks to social media the word was out. Thanks to Nicola for heading over to Daveena's to check for anyone who did not have message.

Then at 6pm there was an almighty downpour of rain - Lauren being the first to send that message to check it was all still happening! Absolutely as runners, water really just means putting on a cap or that extra waterproof layer before heading out! Great you can join us again Lauren as its half term for you - lets hope we see more of you in future as you head into a complete lifestyle change over coming months!

6.30p however the Goodgym gods cleared away the rain and we were ready for a warm up in the car park. Balance and coordination drills were included and as always this suddenly shows up a few runners who realise it is harder than you think to balance on one leg or do a hopskotch (the wobble was back!)! So come on ladies and gents - If its you then start practising that flamingo stance when you can. Coordination is one of the 5 components of fitness so if you want that PB, you have to work it!

Well done to Fiona and Jonathan who ran 5km to get to Goodgym tonight - and will also have to run 5km home. Lets hope you beat the downpour of 8.45pm that is heard as this report is written as those halestones would be cold!

It was up our favourite road tonight - North Road! Goodgym Poole takes pride is choosing many tasks that include this road as it is rated as one of the favourites - #truefact.

Richard took up the front with Jonathan on occasions suddenly appearing from the back sprinting up the front to join him.

Onto Livingstone Road and the primary school to meet our task owner and fellow runner Kirsty. Kirsty is the Early Years Leader at the school and has to be given the title of the 'most prepared for a Goodgym task' so far! The caretaker (who sounds like a complete legend for the train he has made for the book reading area - see the photos!) and Kirsty had prepared a number of areas to work on tonight. A quick divide into 4 teams and everyone was ready! Team 1 jumped onto the school bench that was been given 'blackboard' paint to be used for drawing with chalk - great idea. Team 2 tackled varnish on the 2 sheds. Team 3 were on the leaves and sweeping jobs in the play area. Leaving team 4 with a renovation of a shed with grey paint. The task was so well organised already - paint and varnish and paintbrushes set up for each area enough for everyone to use. So we really could just get on with the task in hand.

We should mention our extra visitor tonight as well - Sian - A media student from Bournemouth Uni and daughter of one of our regulars, Sarah. Sian came along to interview a few Goodgym Goer's to hear what it was all about and do a feature. We were all enjoying the task so much I am hoping we made sense of Sian's questions and she has something to work with.

30 minutes of paint, varnish and sweeping and a quick photo opportunity before Kirsty, who had got stuck in the painting too, was happy for all paintbrushes to go into pots as the caretaker will tidy it all away. There was even a water station for runners to grab a quick drink before heading off into the darkness.

Livingstone Road is next to a little hill so in order to warm up after task, there was a few minutes to do a couple of hill sprints up Cranbrook Road. It was greeted with the usual delight (I think it was a grunt from Ali on the way up that said she loves it and Jane let out a little woop, or was it a 'what'?!) Robert on the way home, discovered in his own words - 'why runners often shout bollards' as he launch directly into one on the way back down the hill. Hope your legs are ok now Rob!

Thanks Fiona for being our back marker.

Return leg via Constitution Hill and a great chance to just run with the wind in your face as we headed down back to The Sloop for a stretch.

Big thanks to the team at Livingstone School for making this task great - Check out the before and after pics to see how much we did in just 30 mins!

Report written by Andrew McTaggart

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Kirsty Hodgman
Kirsty Hodgman
Tuesday February 18th, 2020 22:13

Thank you so much everyone. I canโ€™t wait to show the staff and children on Monday. You guys are the best

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