Gnome matter what the weather we are out to do GOOD. In fact a Scrape job.

15 runners ran 8.5km to help their local community in Kingston upon Thames.

  • Philippa
  • Mark Barun
  • Dave White
  • Claire Murphy
  • Luke Thornton
  • Hannah Cochrane
  • Adam Stephens
  • Donna White
  • Claire Dunne
  • Susi
  • Graham Lloyds
  • Scott Turnbull
  • Steve
  • Gemma
  • Daniel
Tuesday, 10th of March 2020
Led by Mark Barun

You know those nights where you aren’t sure on the weather, you run out do the task, get home and then it pours!!! Yeah, this wasn’t one of those.

Tonight, we even got wet from the ground up – I’ll explain later. First, let’s start at guildhall, our usual meeting place on a Tuesday but something is not right already as our entrance has been closed off. We had a tip off and was informed of another route but didn’t expect it to be quite so tucked away. Luckily it wasn’t raining as we went exploring for the Alice in Wonderland type door to get us on the inside. Did I say luckily, sshhh Mark. We spoke too soon, and it was getting heavier - but not to worry we made it in and even if half of the 15 strong team were soggy already there was no dampening of spirits. We were ready to travel further across borders than any Kingston GG team before us to make a difference.

Tonight, our good was to be shared with United Response in the Hampton area and so due to going the extra distance the warmup was brief and some what sheltered which was a complete contrast to the puddle ridden run ahead. Now rain is no stranger these days but some clever chap suggested a run through bushy park in the dark to get to the task and the fresh down pour meant that puddles formed big enough and dirty enough to make a tough mudder look like a party in a hosepipe ban. We were soaked from the ground up, puddle hopping as the rain bounced off our heads in the dark with head torches bobbing, we made it to the street lights to enjoy the spray from the cars as they drove past us. Why we were so soaked the poor run trainers’ eyes must have been waterlogged as he could not make out an 8 from a 3 in the address so the team spent 4 or 5 minutes looking for the wrong house. We got there in the end and just then like a miracle the rain stopped. A friendly task owner greeted us and the happiest gnome we had ever seen appeared. No, we were not back in the Alice’s Wonderland or delirious from the rain – It’s true.

And so, to work with our task to help the awesome United Response charity by assisting with the gardening at a residential home to make tidy and brighten up for those living there. Fingers crossed the weather changes and they get the chance to get out and enjoy soon as we blitzed it, making it clear from moss, weeds, overgrown branches, leaves and more. Why we even cleared neat paths through the palm like trees with super efficiency (Steve is considering opening a barber shop soon on account of his great skill with the shears). All of this was done under the watchful eye of the biggest gnome ever. He oversee us scraping away the moss and debris to leave the garden looking tidy and spring ready!

A great job done for a great charity that does so much good in our communities.

So, for the run home and it was a unanimous decision ‘NOT THROUGH THE PARK’ which made it seem almost too easy and in no time, we were back to guildhall. Home at last and you know what they say ‘there is no place like gnome’ to get dry!

Report written by Mark Barun

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Led by

Mark Barun

Mark Barun
Run Trainer for Richmond & Kingston. Qualified Personal Trainer & Sports Coach, check out

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