Warwick & Leamington Spa

Training session

From G to H to M to M and a TRIGG thrown in for fun...

5 runners ran 22.0km on a training session in Warwick & Leamington Spa.

  • Iain McWass
  • Becky McWass
  • Gavin
  • Philip Trigg
  • James Harwood
Wednesday, 20th of May 2020
Led by Becky McWass

This weeks challenge was to go out and find as many roads beginning with the same letter as the first letter of your surname.

It appears that the majority of GoodGym runners in Warwick and Leamington appear to be from the 'M' family and a competition ensured to see who could grab the most roads beginning with 'M'

James H started off with a high number of roads - 9 to be precise, followed in hot pursuit by Iain M who loves a bit of friendly competition covering over 40, although one was removed due to slightly cheating the rules, can you guess which one? [(https://wwwrelive.cc/view/vQvxVo23Y96)]

Following on Allan M, our visitor from Coventry was going to take part but due to a "very tired honorary Junior GoodGymer" he ended up getting fit in the garden man-shed instead.

Becky M was left with literally 6 roads to gather this week after Iain M's massive run, apparently "he got tired after 2 hours of running to find them" and it was getting late so he passed the baton the Becky to pick up..... so she did this via a GoodGym Turbo session cycling 6 loops round the Mall in London in training for her charity 130 mile turbo this upcoming Sunday.

And finally our star of the week award goes to Philip Trigg, who took on a slightly varied task and found roads beginning with every letter of his surname.  He made this difficult as there are only two roads in the ares beginning with 'I'.

Massive thanks also go to Pritesh for his IT support in showing Becky how to write this report. It seems her brain has furloughed itself this week.....

Enjoy the millions of photos of roads beginning with M you can thank Iain for the geography trip....

Next week - Top Trumps with the gang where Becky is going to attempt to ZOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM over to everyone through the power of the interwebby thing, don't worry you don't need to pretend to be an aeroplane to take part, thats just Becky.

Report written by Becky McWass

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