Dollhouse Rock

2 GoodGymers made their way to help an isolated older person in Sheffield.

  • Rachel
  • Sheffield runner
Thursday, 24th of March 2022

Michelle and Rachel both ran/walked up a decent hill to meet Mrs J (not quite In the Ghetto) and help her with clearing space in her living room.

The evidence was all around us that she is a big fan of a) Elvis, b) dolls, c) books and d) the Royal family. She has a lot memorabilia, which whilst neatly arranged, is probably a bit much for the flat and is limiting floor space. She'd decided... It's Now or Never, she needed some help.

A kind neighbour had assembled a set of shelves upstairs. We helped move several CDs to the new shelves, mostly Elvis and Daniel O'Donnell, with a few unexpected curveballs thrown in.

This freed up some floor space to move the sofa and we then helped to reposition things behind it. Mrs J is a Hard Headed Woman and knew exactly how she wanted things. We sorted through piles and she said "You're right. I'm left. She's gone" to the various items, whereas a few items said "I shall not be moved".

In the end, the space was All Shook Up (but in a good way). We'd created more floor space, whilst still allowing things to be accessible.

All the while, Mrs J talked to us about family and friends, her doll collection, Memories of Elvis and life experiences. In the end we had to insist on A Little Less Conversation as our time was up and we needed to get back home.

Report written by Rachel

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