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2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Islington.

  • Elizabeth
  • Jatin Shamji
Saturday, 19th of October 2019

This morning I met up with the awesome Jatin for a mission in Islington for Mr T.

Mr T had previously had some GoodGymmers over to help connect his wireless headphones to his TV. Although they were mostly working, he was finding that they sometimes cut out. He asked GoodGym if we could help troubleshoot this, along with a couple of other headphone-related issues.

So, early this Saturday morning, I was sat outside Mr T's waiting for Jatin (I'm almost always early). Seeing a bright red shirt bounding eagerly down the street, I dusted some breakfast croissant flakes off my person to look more like a natural GoodGymmer, and said hello so that we could introduce ourselves to Mr T.

Mr T's main headphone problem was that the sound on the headphones kept on cutting out, with a red light replacing the standard blue "on" light each time this happened. After messing around with the cables for a few minutes, we decided to read the manual. It turned out that the red light was (probably) a switch to a transmitting mode (microphone) from a recieving mode (headphones). We showed Mr T which button to press to switch between the two, and moved on to the next problem!

Mr T's second problem was that he didn't think that the headphones were charging properly in their docking station. Jatin had a shufti at the docking station and realised that one of the pins was slightly skewiff. He tried to bend it into a better position, and managed to do something that worked (you kind of had to lay the headphones on the docking station with the gentlest of touches, before backing away slowly with dramatically light footsteps and no sudden breathing). We were unwilling to try bending the pin a bit further with a proper tool in case it broke, so we left Mr T with instructions of gentle hands.

The last problem we solved for Mr T was to do with the weight of his headphones: He found that they were dragging in his ears and becoming a bit painful in use. We found a couple of ear hooks for the headphones that would more securely fasten them on him and transfer some of their weight to the cartilage in his ear. Job done!

Mr T was very happy with our work, and we hope that he doesn't have any more problems with them in the future.

It was lovely working with you Jatin: hope to see you on more missions/group runs soon! 😄

Report written by Elizabeth

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Jatin Shamji
Jatin Shamji
Saturday October 19th, 2019 19:45

Excellent report Liz, thank you! Was great meeting and doing the mission with you this morning. See you in the not too distant future! 😊

Saturday October 19th, 2019 21:02

Cheers, Jatin! 😄

Dave Guest
Dave Guest
Monday October 21st, 2019 13:56

Great work both, love the pun too! And now I know how to spell "shufti" too! :)

Monday October 21st, 2019 14:21

Thanks, Dave! (I have to admit to Googling it, so we've both learned something! :D)

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