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2 Goodgymers helped their local community in Nottingham
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Wednesday 1st November 2023

Report written by Rachel Levick

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Rachel and Rachel headed to the Brendon Lawrence Sports Centre where we met Eugene for our latest task. We were expecting to be doing some weeding outside, but some kind soul had beat us to it. Instead, Eugene had a perfect indoor task for us (which we were quite pleased about as it was a chilly evening!).

Our task was to help rearrange two of the centre’s store cupboards so that the most used equipment was more accessible. This included moving a retro ‘ice hockey Subbuteo’ machine from the back of one cupboard to another, swapping it with a large pile of soft play mats. After an hour of moving various tables, chairs, mats, goal posts and the Subbuteo machine, we definitely felt like we’d had an all over workout, making this a perfect example of what a GoodGym task is all about!

The Brendon Lawrence Sports Centre, part of the Renewal Trust, is a fantastic local space which includes a sports hall, a dance studio and a meeting space. It runs a range of sports and play sessions for local children and adults and was buzzing whilst we were there with a yoga class and children’s football going on. We plan to be back there in a few weeks’ time to help with their outdoor space.

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Renewal Trust
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We nurture happier, healthier and more connected local communities, by working together sharing our knowledge, expertise, and relationships. By working closely with communities in St Ann’s, Sneinton and Mapperley we develop meaningful relationships and partnerships. We co-create an environment for communities where they can make things happen.

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