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6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Croydon
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Tuesday 4th April 2023

Report written by Conroy

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Last we ran 2km, to assist the organisers of Croydon Refugee Day Centre. We welcomed Sivan to her first Goodgym session, she found out about us on twitter and we ticked all the boxes in what she was looking for in volunteering. We also had Ele attending her first group run, she has been in some community missions before however time has allowed her to venue out to a group run session.

Simon was on site awaiting our arrival, he had a few task for us to complete and set about explaining what they were when we got into the hall.

First up was gather all the empty hangers from the clothing rail and arranging them on the hanger holders ready for the next batch of clothes to be hung for next week's arrivals.

There was an area where stuff was being stored but the church is intending on hiring out the hall for functions, so we were asked to tidy up the area and remove any boxes that had been packed at eye level to be placed at a lower lever behind the screens.

We then went through the clothes on the rail to ensure they had been labeled and where labels were missing we add them and placed the clothes according to their sizes in the correct order.

Ingrid and Ian also sorted a bag of donated clothes, before we all chipped in at removing the clothes rails from the big room to the storage room so the hall would be empty for the next users.

Next week we'll be heading to St Augustine's will you be joining us? Sign up here

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