Eggboxes, vegetable oil and shampoo

3 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bromley
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Saturday 9th July 2022

Report written by Ian Moore

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Hannah, Nykolette and Ian rolled up to the Living Well Foodbank for another session helping this fabulous - and currently quite stretched, more below - team. Our mission for the day was to help the team with one of those periodic jobs, sorting out the "miscellaneous" cupboard, cleaning it and then putting everything back properly. We found some winners medals (well done Nykolette!), a few things went in the bin along the way, but we also stacked eggboxes for maximum space efficiency and also carefully decanted veggie oil and shampoo from mega-5-litre bottles into small jam jars. Why? Because when the Living Well give out single-person allocations, they use egg-boxes to take 2 eggs, and the jam jars for single-person quantities of cooking oil and shampoo.
As I said, the Living Well are quite stretched at the moment as the need for their services is rocketing. This means they are having to buy food in quite large quantities (for example £600 worth of tinned meat last week), to supplement the many donations that come from the local community.
You can help too, if you want to, by donating at All donations (up to £250) are currently being matched by the National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund, so go on, every £10 becomes £20. Please give them a hand and try and get their fundraising up from £20,000 (which they've hit) to £30,000.

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