You need people

Audrey Roberts, a GoodGym coach, encouraged younger people to think about the future

September 17, 2019

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Audrey Roberts is one of GoodGym's newest coaches, joining in August 2019. She spoke at an event at London's City Hall to celebrate 10 years of GoodGym with many of the organisations that have helped us to to get to this stage.

Its lovely to see so many people here. I’m a much an admirer of your organisation and how brilliantly run , and what it does.

And certainly the young lady that visits me and I couldn’t have been a better match. She fits my way of thinking and style and she’s so helpful and kind and relaxed. And she even helps with things around the house. Before she came I was worried about the place was dirty or it being too grubby or whatever but no, she’s not a bit like that. She’s just kind and friendly.

Audrey at City Hall

I ask “Would you like to come round the garden?” Yes, she’d like to come round the garden. Would I like to teach her gardening, yes, I’d love to teach her gardening. So we’ve got so much in common to work on, through the winter, which is really when you need it more than ever, when you can’t open the back door and walk out , so it will be my one focus of the week apart from my classes that I run.

You need people.

And I do miss the interaction between people, and I don’t think young people these days realise how much they are going to need people as they get older. Instead of just saying, “I’ll do on my own, it will work”, it doesn’t work. You need people. This is what it provides. It’s brilliant. So thank you very much.

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Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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